High CPU usage on monitoring service, but lower using 'top'

Hello, i recently switched to use aa panel with ols on a new server.

Everything is ok except my server shows is using 50% cpu on hetrixtools monitoring agent, also my control panel monitoring show me random spikes from 5 to 100% cpu usage

But if i log to my server and run “top” command for like 1 hour, cpu usage is 10% and less with random spikes of 24% (2 seconds max)

anyone know why this happens? or what is the reason for that

thanks in advance.

server specs centos 8, ols 1.6, php7.4, mariadb 10
hosted on 4 cores hetzner cloud amd epic

The CPU load from top isn’t the same as CPU usage.

By looking at your top command screenshot it seems your CPU is quite used, mostly by mysql and php.

I’d recommend using htop for CPU usage tracking in your console.

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The outputs match, HetrixTools just shows the aggregated usage across the various metrics.
11.5% is used by userspace programs. 10.7% by system processes, 61.6% by niced tasks, 0.7% by soft irqs.

If you sum that together, that’s 84.5% usage. (You can also calculate it like 100% - 15.5% (idle value) == 84.5% usage)

Top shows instantaneous values mind you, not averaged over time.

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