Hetzner New Product Launching

I am excited from the last 6 days still trying to figure out what Hetzner is launching. It also wrote “Be Exicted!” which is not letting me sleep. Any guesses what that new product would be? As of now, 2 days left!:sweat_smile:

US Servers since they changed terms & conditions & tax stuff for US customers and stuff I’d guess?

Now the wait is down to just one more day, and we are getting pretty excited about it ourselves! We hope that you’ll be just as happy when we announce our news tomorrow… --Katie

Seems like you’re intelligent! I still didn’t figure out this… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Lets see if you are correct!

maybe they will waive setup fees at launch

LOL! Its not a thing to get excited about…:sweat_smile:

See other thread. --Katie

So as excepted!

I am running a yabs.sh bench the results will be here : Praising Hetzner - #356 by Poli

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:rofl: :rofl:

:relieved: You knew!

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How are you guys enjoying it? If it’s anything like their EU cloud, it’ll be fast and solid.

I already have too many East Coast VM’s but may spin one up for DNS or something.