Hetzner increased prices for existing Auction Servers

At least I was expecting them soon… So I am still onboard and OKAY! What about you?

I doubt I’ll stay with them. They’re great and all, but mine went from 18.47 euros to 29.

A little steep; I’m shopping around. Just need something to run a personal Plex server.

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You have a server of 18 Euros!:scream: You were really lucky!


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Wow yeah that’s definitely quite the jump.

In my case the overall price hike could justify colo, I need to nuke a good amount of servers I snagged well below what is seems the new minimum price (€29/mo, before VAT, IPv4 addon excluded)
They honoured old “locked” prices for quite a long time but the overall price increase on SB servers (if you were patient or lucky enough to catch a server at a low price) is quite steep.
The time window made available to make various rearrangements of their servers is quite narrow and all in all I think they want to discontinue old servers, perhaps pushing old customers towards the AX/EX series. Maybe I should have predicted in advance last Black Friday that Hetzner would also raise prices, there were already those who announced that they would increase their prices, 'cause energy bills.

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Sorry that I am just now responding to this. Unfortunately, we are still short handed and I only have some time to help fill in and respond to comments on social media. I’m sorry I can’t be here more often to hang out.
The price change only affected some of the servers from the Server Auction. (There will be no change for our regular/new dedicated root servers or cloud servers.) The new prices changed from server to server depending on the model and the type of specific hardware on it. The prices for the servers affected by the change were being offered at operating costs before electricity prices in Germany recently increased.
If any of you do decide that you need to cancel your server, we understand. There is a guide for how to do that here: https://docs.hetzner.com/general/cancellation/cancellation-robot
We recently sent an additional email to customers affected by the price changes for the Server Auction servers. We’ve given them an additional option to help lesson the blow. If anyone here has any questions about that offer or the price change, please contact our support team directly. That way, you’ll get a quick answer. --Katie