Hetzner Adds 2 New PoPs (London, Paris)

Haven’t seen anyone else mention it.

Hetzner done another big network capacity upgrade, not just capacity but another 2 POP’s!



Yeah, someone here noticed LON routes ~1 months ago already (looking at peeringdb and mtr), I’m glad to see eventually an announcement about this and to notice that that they’re constantly expanding

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When you think Hetzner has already perfected the price to performance ratio they do stuff like this, just like when they launched the cloud. Can’t wait to see what they do next.


Can’t wait for Hetzner Brazil and Hetzner Sydney, that would be something !


Yeah one of the few EU providers that from Asia (Singapore) I get a great route direct across Europe and into their DC vs most other hosts including OVH going across and around USA taking a much longer route.

Just curious does it go via Telia?

Yeah Telia or TATA both the same route via a cable that was brought online about a year ago

4 ms 3 ms 7 ms ix-xe-4-1-0-3-0.tcore1.svq-singapore.as6453.net []
9 161 ms 161 ms 161 ms if-ae-20-2.tcore2.svw-singapore.as6453.net []
10 171 ms 171 ms 173 ms if-ae-2-2.tcore1.svw-singapore.as6453.net []
11 168 ms 168 ms 168 ms if-ae-31-6.tcore1.wyn-marseille.as6453.net []
12 169 ms 169 ms 169 ms if-ae-30-2.tcore1.fnm-frankfurt.as6453.net []
13 169 ms 168 ms 168 ms if-ina-2.tcore1.fr0-frankfurt.as6453.net []
14 168 ms 168 ms 168 ms if-ae-45-2.tcore1.fr0-frankfurt.as6453.net []

OVH have capacity on it between their EU and Singapore DC’s, however they seem to still prefer advertising their routes via USA so OVH I go across to USA and then enter their network.

I guess their capacity is much greater there so they would rather you enter their network there than the expensive Asian bandwidth.

That would be literally a dream ( while I do agree with Brendan).


thought this post was about new locations for cx11. going back to hibernation.

Core Backbone is great for Singapore as well. No issues with GTT either.

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Yeah they all seem to have capacity on the same fibre, as long as you get routed that direct all good.

If you end up going USA then it’s an extra 100ms :pensive: