HetrixTools Giveaway - #StayHome & #MonitorYourServers

Promo Starts On 26 March 2020 at 14:00 UTC Time.

No entries will be considered before the above posted time.

Hey there!
I honestly hope that this post finds you well and healthy during this crazy period we’re going through.
I thought I’d brighten the mood a little bit with this small giveaway here.

The way I was doing promos before was spontaneously, and because of that, a lot of people wouldn’t get a chance to participate, so I’m announcing this one ahead of time.

This promo will be shared between 3 different forums: LET, LES, and HostBalls HostedTalk, so you can participate in any of the threads posted on these forums, but the promo won’t stack if you participate on multiple forums.

The promo is very simple and it won’t cost you anything. You’re going to get some free extra monitors added to your account, regardless of your package (free or paid).

Giving away:

  • + 16 extra Blacklist Monitors
  • + 5 extra Uptime Monitors / Server Monitors

These extra monitors get added to your account for free, no matter on which package you are currently on, and will remain with your account through package upgrades and downgrades forever.

So, assuming you’re on our Free packages, you’d be getting:

Blacklist Monitoring:

Uptime Monitoring:

  • 10 15 Uptime Monitors (monitor the uptime status of your website,server,services,etc)
  • 10 15 Server Monitors (monitor your server resources and configure alerts for high usage)
  • 1 minute check frequency
  • Select 4 out of 12 monitoring locations
  • Domain expiration monitor, SSL expiration monitor, nameservers change detection, etc.
    See all features on our Uptime Monitoring Pricing Page:

Included in all packages:

  • Private/Public Uptime Reports
  • White Label Reports
  • Bulk Reports (Public Status Page)
  • Account Activity required for free accounts
  • Notifications via Email, SMS, PushBullet, Pushover, Twitter, Slack, Discord, Mattermost, RocketChat, PagerDuty, Telegram, VictorOps, and Webhooks
  • All features are included on the pricing pages linked above

How to obtain this offer:

  1. Register for a free HetrixTools account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Reply in this thread with your account’s Public Key, found here https://hetrix.tools/public-key
  3. Your account will be manually upgraded within 24 hours

Promo Notes:

  • any type of account can participate (free and paid alike)
  • this promo will stack with any previous giveaway
  • valid only for the first 50 keys or until 31 March, whichever comes first

Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be upgraded, after posting your key.
There is no need to open a support ticket about this promo upgrade.

Thanks for taking the time to read this promo post and please stay safe.


Awesome, thanks Andrei, even though I don’t know if I need more monitors, it’s always fun to participate.

On an unrelated note - anyone know how I can schedule a reply on a thread? :slight_smile:


You just gotta be here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


See people already replying on other posts, either they can’t read, or I’m missing something - if I post my key now, I assume it won’t count, until when it starts, right? Or can we post keys in advance so they’re there when it starts?

Or even better, can we disqualify the people who can’t read? :wink:

Only keys posted after the starting time will count.

I thought I’d announce it in time so people can get ready and participate if they wish to.

Appreciate that, missed one recently because I saw it too late, going to set an alarm for this one!

Thanks for an awesome product and for bringing everyone here together to fight for some free monitors!

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Interesting how you can rate each site/platform based on the reading comprehension of the userbase… :wink:

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thanks @Andrei for your reliable services and awesome giveaways! best monitoring ever !!!1!!11!!einself!

@isaacl +1 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Cool thanks for this, I’ll try to remember when it goes live lol

Thanks @Andrei. It’s very kind of you to offer these giveaways.

For people not familiar with it, it’s a great service and highly recommended.

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@Andrei you’re running one of the msot generous companies around.
And I can’t wait to grab some more free perks… …even if I don’t use all of the ones you already gave to me…
…I must have a problem :flushed:

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I’m in the same boat. can’t resist. it’s an addiction, let’s form a support group maybe? :laughing:


Hi. My name is C., and I am an addict on HetrixTools services.


Hetrix is amazing - love what you’re doing :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I am a new user of HetrixTools so this would be a perfect time to check it out. Here is my public key c24f524baecef22db413cad43f4d21aa thank you!

Please wait until the promo starts :slight_smile:

Looks like I’m not the only one waiting for 2PM xD


It’s 14:00 UTC, 26th March 2020, and entries for the giveaway are now opened.

If you’ve posted your key before this time, you’d need to repost it in order to participate in the giveaway.

Thanks all for your interest.




Thank you :slight_smile: