Help beta test new API-first hosted email system and get 6 months of free service post beta (Cyberlabs s.r.o. CZ & Cyberlabs Inc. USA) has been providing enterprise email solutions at affordable prices since 2015.

We’re happy to announce the beta launch of our new API-first hosted email platform and would like your participation and valuable feedback. You would receive 6 months of free service post beta (plus 3 months if you find the hidden easter egg!)

Introducing the New Mail System (NMS)

The New Mail System (NMS) is an API first hosted email platform from Mailcheap. It enables you to control every facet of an email system using the API, even the GUI is entirely built on top of it.

In addition to supporting SMTP, IMAP & POP protocols for sending/fetching emails, it also has native contacts (CardDAV) & calendaring (shareable, CalDAV) support, two-factor authentication (2FA) and an automatic migration feature (more on that below).

In essence, NMS allows complete programmatic access to email administration (via HTTPS API) and usage (through existing SMTP/IMAP/POP protocols), thereby providing seamless integration with your existing systems.

System features

  • 100% API support for email administration
  • Responsive, modern HTML5 frontend (GUI)
  • Blazing fast (after the first few page loads!) GUI built entirely in client-side Javascript
  • Multiple permission levels including MasterAdmin (dedicated servers), DomainAdmin (shared servers, provisioned during/after beta) and MailUser – more on that below
  • Automatic migration feature – more on that below
  • TOTP based two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • IMAP / POP / SMTP support
  • Complete control over your data with dedicated server: ability to backup calendaring/contacts data and email data.

Mail features

  • Domains with SDR, DKIM, antispam thresholds and antispam whitelist/blacklist controls
  • Mailboxes
  • Aliases & forwards
  • Sender addresses
  • Domain aliases
  • Relay domains with antispam thresholds and antispam whitelist/blacklist controls
  • Import / export above items
  • Contacts (CardDAV)
  • Calendar (shareable, CalDAV)
  • Server-side message filters based on sieve
  • Server-side vacation autoreply based on sieve


  • Roundcube: default and recommended webmail with contacts (CardDAV) and calendar (CalDAV) support
  • Rainloop: alternate webmail

Permission levels

  • MailUser is the permission level with ability to send and receive emails.
  • DomainAdmin administers all MailUsers of domains belonging to them.
  • MasterAdmin administers all admins & MailUsers and has access to server-wide configuration.

Auto migration

Auto migration enables you to migrate users and their emails without resetting passwords, importing them into the system manually or performing email data migration for each user

How it works

  • Set up auto migration for a domain with your existing (source) IMAP server details
  • Your users can then sign up from the login page
  • The system checks their credentials with the source IMAP server, creates an account for them and migrates the emails


Order beta plan


Unlimited Domains | Unlimited Users | Shared compute | 10 GB email quota | Order
Promo code: BETA-WEGQI9P71I (choose semi-annual billing term)
Invite link to Discord server for collaboration during beta: mailcheap_community

By participating in the beta you agree to our Terms of Service. All orders must pass fraud check, your participation requires at a minimum weekly feedback through email and/or Discord. We reserve the right to refuse participation for suspicious orders and/or accounts.


any sending limits?

The plan uses Premium relay - external SMTP relay for high deliverability by Mailcheap and it has sending limits to prevent abuse and maintain IP reputation.

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