Heads up for Photoshop & Malwarebytes Users

Hey guys,

I’ve been experiencing issues with Photoshop for a while, as it seems it’s related to Malwarebytes.
Make sure you exclude your phostoshop folder.



you do know that alternatives are out of question if you work professionally with those tools

I use both PS and Gimp, just like with any software they both got their pros and cons.

Gimp has improved considerably the last years.

When you open GIMP for the first time, it opens in multi-window mode by default. You can enable single-window mode through Windows → >Single-Window Mode) in the image menu bar. After quitting GIMP with this option enabled, GIMP will start in single-window mode next time.

After changing that setting, it looks very similar to PS… give it a try.

I used Photoshit for years, sometime last year I paid for Affinity Photo and love it. Never touch PS again.

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Guys… Idk about you… But personally i use several aps from the Adobe suite and over time these tools really started to fill like a suite instead of a package of aps that happen to be developed by the same company.
For example the fact that you can organiza libraries per project that are fetched by every single app within the suite…
… Or how you can switch between edit illustrator assets in photoshop…

… It became extremity hard to migrate to any other tool(s).

Ive used a lot of tools and my biggest issue nowadays is having to handle QXD files. Not all versions are supported.

Same here, I bought a discounted affinity designer for cheap during BF a few years back, and it’s good

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They offer Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher, aiming to replace Adobe …

Affinity works well… unfortunately not for Linux yet…

Agreed. I also use GIMP, and on macOS Acorn and Pixelmator Pro … They all have their strengths … :sunglasses: