Has Anyone Given Envato Elements a Try?

So has anyone tried the Envato Elements Subscription? I don’t use Themeforest/Codecanyon frequently but there have been some nice products that I have got from them. Now, Envato Elements does not include all products offered on Themeforest/Codecanyon etc. but a huge selection. And the best thing is: Just like Flaticon/Freepik, Envato allows you to keep using any Plugins/Themes/Photos/whatever you have downloaded & licenesed even after your sub has ended. That means as long as you downloaded a certain product and registered it with them (my guess is you need to give them a domaincom or smth for the license) you are good to go. While you are member/subscriber you can register any of their product as often as you want (an unlimited number of times?!) afaik.

Might give it a try honestly. Been browsing the Envato only gallery and it’s pretty cool. They also have a WP plugin that lets you import any of Envato Element WP Themes without leaving your WP dashboard. However, I guess that only makes sense if you plan to stick around as a subscriber (which I don’t).

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Browsed lot of their items a while back. Like many designs especially the vectors. Never bought tho

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If it isn’t HTML 3.2 compliant, I don’t build it.


I use it for the stock photos, stock video and web fonts.

I tried the Joomla templates, but they suck.
I recently tried the WordPress templates, and they suck too…
Because a template is more than how it looks like

The good stuff goes to themeforest and codecanyon. For example, you won’t find Metronic in Envato Elements, EVER. but you’ll find plenty of their competitors there.

…but hey, if you want to try something, let me know and I’ll send it to you.


Good to know. Yeah I also thought the plugins didn’t se premium either. If I’ll find smth I’ll let ya know :slight_smile: Seems like for graphics it is decent though?

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Yeah you can use the graphics, lots of them are ripped of from free sources tho. Whoever if you like one, why not? but I wouldn’t buy it for the graphics.

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So what is the reason you are really buying it instead of abondoning it and going with some free stock images? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for the feedback mate!

I was referring to graphics like icons, backgrounds and the other vector stuff. The stock photography and stock video is decent for the price, we can’t expect to have the best stuff there but it’s usually enough and I download several per month… so it ussualy pays itself cause I would be spending more in sites like Shutterstock, Dreamstime and the likes.

I still use free stock, but less so since I have elements.

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I need the tax write offs. I dabble in a lot of things, so I’ve had a membership a few years now. Worth it imho. Depends on your needs, so its relative.

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What does dating in Arkansas have to do with graphi…? oh. OH!

Maybe you’re looking for a nice I Love You graphic with a tractor or bale of hay… :laughing::laughing:

That wasn’t nice… lol

I have a subscription, if you need anything just let me know.
While it does help me sometimes I still find it lacking a lot.

I know this is not the thread but I’ll lay down some subscription-based-all-you-can-take recommendations that I personally use for my professional and freelance work and what they are best for.

Envato Elements - Graphics/Brushes/Basic WP Themes/Fonts
Motionarray - Stock Footage/Sound FX/Premiere Pro Templates
Artlist - Amazing Audio and Background Scores, Definitely love this one

You will find a lot of old unsold envato marketplace items from themeforest, audiojundle, videohive, photodune etc on envato elements but I just use it for the fonts and Graphic elements.

However I do tend to use shutterstock a lot more for my vectors

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I wonder if you can get a license as an agency and use the Envato Elements materials for your client projects.

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You can

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