HarzemDesign: Get a New Hosting Provider Design for $2,800!

Hi HostBalls,

I’m offering a 25% discount over my regular price of $3,750 for a hosting design. For a while, I’ll be accepting work at the rate of $2,800 USD for a homepage and 3 subpages designed and coded.

My customers include big names such as Knownhost, QuadraNet, LunaNode among dozens of others.

I do awesome canvas animations, 3D work, custom javascript work, and anything else you may need.

See the pricing details and a lot of previous designs here: https://www.harzemdesign.com/

Contact me via my website to get started.


Your site doesn’t load for me using Firefox or Chrome on Android.

“Cheap coding is poor coding.”

Are you implying that only spending 15 minutes on a production application is a bad idea?


How does 15 minutes in production app connect to ‘cheap coding is poor coding’ in any way ?


I was joking?

It was supposed to refer to me paying absolutely nothing (i.e. cheap) and writing piss poor code for production instead of hiring someone who’d do it more reliably and securely.


@Daniel I couldn’t detect any problems with the site, I tested using a monitoring tool to test the site from various locations. Are you still unable to access?

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Tested it from our monitoring tool as well, I can see no issues reaching this. If that’s still an issue a trace route would be useful in diagnosing…

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Just noticed that your page is mobile friendly now.

Looks great! :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s working fine for me now. Thanks!


This offer is still valid, if anyone’s interested. I may even offer further discounts in private.

Another shameless bump.

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Offer still valid, if you want a new design for the summer, today is the day to start building it!

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Bumping again! I’ve started on a new design, I can still take on another project.


I’d love for just a basic non-host design for my shit. I haven’t redesigned my own sites since ~2006 and boy does it show.

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Am I the only one who get orgasms by just looking at Harzem’s designs?

I wasn’t aware that harzem was involved with pornhub. :face_with_monocle:

To be honest, sites don’t need designs nowadays due to heavy mobile presence.

Look at Ballhosting here. It’s got no design other than showing content.

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Indeed, though hostballs members are mostly referral /a/o/ oldies.

Pornhub premium :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I should twitch stream my photoshop work?