[Hardware] 1U E3 1270v3 + 32GB RAM + X10SLM-F - $225/each! FranTech

We’ve done a fairly large hardware overhaul and have quite a few of these units spare.

  • Supermicro 512L/512F chassis (2.5" drive cage included)
  • Intel 1270v3 CPU
  • Supermicro X10SLM-F/X10SLL-F
  • 1U passive heatsink

$225.00/each + shipping

Servers are physically located in Fiberhub. If you have services with them we can personally rack them for you.

Fiberhub is also offering half off the 1st month if you colocate these nodes specifically with him in Either Las Vegas or Dallas. Ain’t that sweet?

If you’re buying multiple nodes we can do any customizing you want (specific SSD’s you want installed, etc) saving you on future remote hands. You’d just have to mail the drives to us in Vegas. We can also pre-badge & pre-configure all IPMI’s to your specifications.


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If only I could teleport these to the EU.


DHL can “teleport” them for you :wink:


It will be super expensive.

You better use a shipping method from the present.

I think there’s no more of these, since Fran didn’t get back to me or others on LET regarding dimensions & weight. Unlucky ;(

I think he’s busy but these are pizza boxes he said.

Right, 512L or 512F.

You can figure around 12 - 15 pounds each to ship.

As of right now we have 3 providers wanting to clear out everything.

The 1st & 2nd provider make up basically everything we have in Vegas.

If provider #1 falls through we have 2 more providers lined up wanting to take #1’s portion.

If they also fall through then I’ll have them back for sale.


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When are you clearing out servers on other locations (NY and LU)?

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