Happy Two-Year Anniversary HostedTalk! Let's Party and Celebrate With a HostedTalk & Friends Sticker Pack Contest!


On February 8th, HostedTalk (formerly HostBalls) will be celebrating its TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY! It still amazes me that we’ve been a community for this long – we certainly have all of you to thank for making this place as awesome as it is! So, thank you!

To celebrate this grand occasion, I have reached out to many providers within the community to see if they would join us in a HostedTalk & Friends Sticker Pack contest. The response was better than I could have imagined, as we have many providers already on board (Clouvider, Porkbun, GestionDBI/Deepnet Solutions., Hetzner, HetrixToolls, Gullo’s Hosting) and a few more in the works!

The contest to receive a sticker pack will run from 00:00 Feb. 3 to 23:59 Feb. 28 (UTC). Every day that you are active and make a post, you will receive an additional entry into the drawing (i.e. if you make a post every day within the contest time period, you will receive 26 entries into the drawing). The more days you are active and post, the more likely the chance will be that you will be one of the ten contest winners.

Each sticker pack will contain at least one of each of the stickers shown in the image below. More than one of a given sticker will be included, if quantity permits. In addition to stickers, Hetzner has sent in laptop webcam covers. I will be printing up a special batch of HostedTalk stickers to celebrate our rebranding and of course, OG HostBalls stickers will be included (who knows… maybe they’ll be worth something one day!). I’ll post pics of any additional providers’ stickers as they come in.

Contest winners will also receive a special discount code redeemable at Porkbun.com for a free .design tld registration!

Contest Rules:

  • Every HostedTalk user that posts anywhere on the forum within the time period is automatically entered into the contest
  • For each day you make a post on HT between 03 FEB 2020 to 28 FEB 2020, you will gain one entry into the drawing
  • The drawing to select the 10 winners will take place on 29 FEB 2020
  • A winner may delegate the sticker pack to another user if they do not wish to accept, or alternatively may opt to have a winner redrawn
  • A user may only win one sticker pack

Damn, that’s going to cost you quite a bit in postage, eh?

Already got some HB stickers, but hey, some Porkbun and Hetzner ones can’t hurt :wink:


Shouldn’t be too much. Haven’t weighed everything, but it shouldn’t be too heavy. Shipping internationally is just $1.20/oz regardless of destination country from the States.

Where’s the official party being held?

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Balls-Con 2020 :slight_smile:


I’m still so confused about the new name.
Nevertheless I appreciate the 2-year Anniversary! :grinning:


Forgot to add that contest winners will also receive a special discount code redeemable at Porkbun.com for a free .design tld registration. I’ve just added that to the main post now :slight_smile:

Good luck, all!

Can I get another HB sticker, so I can complain even more about the name change?

Only if by doing so will have the opposite effect :wink:

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someone said “stickers” ???

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Sorry guys we didn’t make it this time :frowning:

It’s a miracle, indeed :smile:

Time flies, for sure :slight_smile:


Mason sends out Snickers this time… XL size


Time flies when you are having fun. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already.


“Time’s fun when you’re having flies.”
-Gibson (or someone else :wink:)

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Kermit :frog:


Happy 2 years anniversary! I haven’t been posting here lately but just lurking by. I’ll try to become more active again :sweat_smile:

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damn… 2 years sure go by fast