Happy Sysadmin Day!

I thought I’d try something out to say thank you to our team. I’m pretty happy with the final result, but it took some blood, sweat, and tears – well, maybe no blood, but certainly sweat and tears. At the end, I was really nervous about people actually seeing the final result…I kept thinking things like, Would it be good enough? When people finally tried it, would it taste good?, etc. So I guess it’s similar to how some of our team feels at times with their work. And I suppose you sysadmins out there sometimes feel the same way at times.

What are you guys doing this year for Sysadmin Day? Are your companies celebrating it in any way? For freelancers, will you do anything to treat yourself to something nice today?

–Katie, Marketing


Same as every year, as Head of IT I’ll be purchasing Pizza at lunch time! :slight_smile: Although given the temperature might go with cakes…

That’s a nice looking cake! Is it as yummy as it looks? :slight_smile:

Nothing will happen for SysAdmin day, it will be like any other day… boring :sleeping:

@Michael Yeah, you can pretty much never go wrong with pizza lunches.

@sshd I’m not really a huge fan of fondant (the blue material covering the cake), actually, so it wasn’t my favorite cake. But I think the buttercream icing and the cake itself tasted good. It was actually hard to make myself cut into it. I’m sorry that you’ll have a boring SysAdmin Day. :frowning: I think a lot of people don’t even know it exists. I didn’t until I started working at Hetzner. --Katie

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Damn, looks very nice! And I don’t even eat cake! :smile:



That cake looks…delicious. Well done Katie!

Also now I know where I want to get cookies the next time I’m in Dallas. That they delivered 4 bottles of milk with it is just glorious.

Milk or eggnog? :thinking:

choc milk, regular milk, and starbucks drinks. yummmm.

I had no clue it was sysadmin day until I saw this thread.

Now you want some of that cake don’t you.

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Clicky McClickFace

(Sysadmin rocks, love hetzner)


Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake.

Will I poop out NVMe sticks after eating that cake?

@doghouch Everything has its drawbacks… Naww, just kidding. I don’t think there were any NVMe-scatalogical complaints. :wink: By the way, what’s the meaning of “houch” in your username? Is that “house” or “hut” or something similar in another language? --Katie

Nah, I chose it over 15+ (not quite 20) years ago when I first got access to the internet. Someone had doghouse, so I eventually settled on doghouch. I mostly use dawgy now, but yeah – it was chosen mostly because someone else had the username I wanted.

Having said that, it was still much easier to find an available username back then. (and who doesn’t miss 1 mbit/s DSL?! It was a godsend lol)