Happy Europe Day

Today (5th of May) we celebrate The Council of Europe and European Union. I send my best wishes of love, health and happiness to all Europeans, for peace and unity especially in these troubled times.


Happy Europe day to my European friends from the excommunicated back sheep of the family (the UK). :joy:


Happy Europe day! Same page as @Will :laughing:

P.S.: oh I’ve just realised that the British have taken over HB :rofl:


happy european day from lazy sunny PIGS COUNTRY called Spain or spainistan :smiley:

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Man, I would love to sit like a muddy pig in the sun now.

hahahaha you mean like expat in the sunny beaches on Spain?

Can we still use “color”, “humor” and “tire” on this board, please?

Happy Europe day! A good day to arrive home from my roadtrip through Europe :smiley:


How about aluminium? Or will we have to use aluminum? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
(I mostly do use the American versions over the proper English versions, tho(ugh) …) :smiley:

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Happy Europe day from Germany :smiley:
@Will @Wolveix the gf and I still plan to visit the UK sometime. Hopefully it’s not awfully more difficult to enter for European tourists now, but I assume it isn’t?

Funfact: I study English & American Studies at my university, and I’ve been to the US a couple of times and been backpacking in Streya and New Zealand. Never been to the UK, though (which is way closer lol).

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Nah, it’s pretty straight forward (or so my EU colleagues tell me :smiley: ).

If/when you’re down this way, let me know! I’m not too far from London :slight_smile:


That sounds good. Definitely will let you know :slight_smile:

Should be fine mate! According to the gov website, you just enter like you would before we left the EU and you don’t need a visa or anything. :slight_smile:

Surprised you’ve not been here yet as I know you’re quite well-travelled. Hopefully you enjoy it. Have you got any ideas about where you’d like to visit while you’re here?


Thanks for digging that up, mate! Sounds easy enough :slight_smile:

Well, for one, I like the sun… :smiley: Nah, jokes aside, I’m not really sure why I haven’t been in the UK yet. Probably, because as a student travel is an expensive enough luxury as is and southern European countries (Spain, Italy…) have been more affordable. US was long ago during high school (3x student exchange program) and Australia&New Zealand was Work&Travel and also long ago kinda.

So yeah, Spain, Greece, Italy and The Netherlands have been our go-to countries the past years.

As for our visit of the UK, there’s actually lots of possibilities: a good university friend of ours spent their erasmus in Kent, so London/Kent area is one destination as they would want to accompany us possibly and show us around. The gf also wants to see Ireland, too, and a university teacher of mine told me Wales is lots of nature&sheep, which I also like :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a completely valid reason :laughing:

All makes sense about the other countries you’ve visited. Its certainly cheaper to travel in mainland Europe.

Nice! Definitely worth visiting London while you’re here, I think it’s quite a nice city. It feels like its own country in a lot of ways though, so if you also have the chance/time to experience places away from London I’d definitely recommend it! If you like walking, or pretty views, you should look at some of our national parks and “Areas of outstanding natural beauty”. Most are free to visit (you may need to pay to park the car but its usually less than £10) and they’re lovely if the sun is shining.

Ireland is great and not far away with quite a few relatively cheap transport options (ferry, plane) so if you have the chance I’d give it a shot. I went to Dublin a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hope you manage to get here :slight_smile:


I’m actually going to London as well, first week of July.
Leaving the smallest kid with my mother for a week and taking my girlfriend and the two bigger kids! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the good advice! Will keep it in mind, mate :slight_smile:

I believe I should be able to make it there one day haha :smiley:

I will definitely ping you guys beforehand. Also because if we were to plan our trip (and do country hopping within the UK), some advice on travel options as well as some recommendations might prove helpful :slight_smile:

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London is a great city, can recommend :smiley:

I’m thinking of taking the train there again later this year


I live in Kent :smiley:

If you fancy meeting up or something, hit me up!



I’ll definitely let you know when I’ll be visiting London! I got home yesterday from my last trip so no plans yet :grin: