Halloween & Holiday Offers

Howdy, looking to find out what kind of promotions people would be looking for during the Holiday period. Let us know and we’ll make it happen - be reasonable and realistic of course :wink:

The beauty of owning our infrastrucutre and building, we can do pretty much anything! Looking to run the promotions on our main page.

No one expecting crazy deal from new provider as they tend to deadpool really fast.

But, let say what everyone need : 1TB KVM of storage for 3$/m recurring with some sort of raid other than raid 0, you get it.

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Sssh. I want a VortexNode $10 Atom again.


DrServer is actually really close with is 12$m server, isn’t ?

IDK, I don’t really want another KS-1 similar box anymore. I let them all go.

Indeed, better get it fast before it’s gone as there only one there.

Netcup RS 2000 SSDx4 G8

4 dedicated cores, 6230 Gold CPU
240 GB Enterprise SSD RAID10
KVM - 99,9 % SLA - HP server
RAID10 (Hardware-RAID-Controller)

12,99€ per month INCLUDING VAT, order here

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I had 4-5 of those things. :frowning:

But then you move up from Juul Juice, and into Marlboro Country…

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Those were the days.

Expensive. Weren’t they for $5 and 650GB HDD?

I seem to remember $10 for a 1TB and 100m/20TB.