GSuite free accounts will live on - for now

Today there was a new announcement in my the free GSuite will continue undisturbed if the admin self-declares it is for personal use only. On the other hand, commercial users must upgrade to a paid plan, but notably, it is up to them to define themselves as businesses.

After stating that this domain is for personal use, I get this confirmation: Thanks for choosing. You have chosen to continue using the no-cost legacy edition of G Suite for personal use. If you change your mind and want access to premium features, you can take advantage of a special discount by upgrading your subscription in the Google Admin console.

The big, unexpected move is continuing to offer Gmail with it…I guess I must find other uses for my new MXRoute service.

See the full explanation here.


That’s good news! Thanks for posting, I’ve just had one headache removed from my life :blush:

MXroute has better deliverability to Microsoft than Google in my experience.

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F*ck Microsoft, and their stupid private blacklists.

The movement from Google was somewhat to be expected, because they lose potential customers which could be used for advertising or for getting their data.


That’s funny. I mean, I have seen the two of them block IPs for the other. Not sure how common it is.

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Google and Microsoft both have strong opinions on how emails should be handled. Only Google’s can largely be agreed with, and how to adhere to them is generally well explained. Microsoft’s are inventive, unimaginable, unknown until you stumble into them and leave me with a sense of despair. The only rationalization I can come up with is they they got some silly business feature requests over time, and to accomodate them they had to turn email handling upside down. and the whole world has to adjust acordingly, of course.

Sorry for the rant, Microsoft 365 has been forced upon me at work.


Microsoft can’t even compete with Google from my view. On an average day SMTP traffic just to is 48% of all of it. is in second place at 3%.


I’m not telling anyone about this reversal because I think this will be discontinued all over again. I don’t want to pull off this transition twice.


Thanks for the insight! Even taking into account all the various domains such as and, I don’t think the balance would change much. Where I have the feeling Microsoft has the upper hand is company email: Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace. This is just my feeling of course, and is not based on any data, rather on the personal opinion that the M. offering appeals to decision-makers more.


Yeah, I would second that: getting rid of Google is an accomplishment in itself and I was almost glad to be finally forced to move to something that guarantees more privacy.

In practice, however I did run into difficulties: elder family members got stuck at step one: “get yourself a free google account for your phone”, and required me to “come and visit, you do it all”. Setting up and veryfying payment methods all over again. Closing and reopening subscriptions. What about purchased apps and content? Transferring ownership of apps to a new developer account, then requesting reimbursement for closing the existing one? Really too much of a hassle, and my family as a whole was relieved to be able to at least postpone that until further notice.


I just make the accounts for them :wink:. I know that any thing I do for tech support with my older relatives will be a privacy nightmare anyway. I think it’s better that I have the password and backup 2fa codes for their account.

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So sick of the cash grab mentality of these mega corporations. Fuck them. Charge you a monthly fee then make millions off your data and selling you ads. I self-host everything I can. Except email, :heart: @Jarland