Google discontinuing legacy free Google Apps (G Suite)

If you have the G Suite legacy free edition, you need to upgrade to a paid Google Workspace subscription to keep your services. The G Suite legacy free edition will no longer be available starting July 1, 2022.

All G Suite legacy free edition subscriptions must upgrade to a Google Workspace subscription. We recommend you upgrade to a Google Workspace edition that meets your needs. If you choose not to upgrade by May 1, 2022, we will automatically upgrade your organization to a recommended subscription.

This was long expected, but the thing I’m upset about is that AFAIK they still don’t have a migration tool to migrate everything to a regular personal account, and I feel like that might be strategic to try and get people to pay.

I’ve logged in to lots of sites using my Google account over the years. I stopped using Google/Twitter/FB login maybe 5 years ago, but there’s still a lot of services I signed up for before then with my Google account.

That plus my phone number (Google Voice), and over a decade of paid apps in the Play Store (from even back when it was called the Android Market), Docs, Sheets, contacts, calendar events plus YouTube playlists, likes, and watch history.

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I am sure the Google voice can be moved to personal account (tried 2 years ago from my gsuite work account), texts did not migrate, but I was able to capture all via Takeout.

I think the endgame as you said is to get people pay for the service…

Many folks will have PMS and curse the hell outta Google and threaten to stop using their services…


Good luck with your account and migration!

I am only using G Suite for email forwarding + SMTP outbound, so there is no way I start paying multiple Workspace accounts just for that.

Does anyone have suggestions on quality setups to consider?

  • MXroute is an obvious alternative but I don’t need hosting and forwarding could be problematic.
  • Pobox is a very good choice, but expensive for more than a few domains.
  • Self hosting is 100% discarded, I need excellent deliverability and am a low volume sender.
  • Transactional providers are not a good choice for personal SMTP so those are discarded.

My plan, if no one has a better suggestion, is to use Cloudflare for inbound and SMTP2GO for outbound. Should be good.

I think what many people are focusing on in here (and LET) for Google Apps is their email feature.

What I’m really bummed about is the loss of their entire productivity suite.

Similar to my last thread before, this is where I’m re-engaged/interested in OpenXChange, Zimbra, or Axigen.

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Ohh, this reminds me, another thing I thought of is that I have a few API tokens associated with this Google account. I guess all those apps will break unless I manually migrate them across :confused:

Also I have hundreds or maybe thousands of docs in my Google Apps account, and apparently right now it’s not possible to transfer ownership from a Google Apps user to a regular Google user… I hope they implement some method to do so.

I don’t think Cloudflare do emails?

Email forwarding is quite unreliable; I instead use an imapsync (or mbsync) cronjob to copy emails from one account to another.

SMTP2GO is pretty decent for outbound emails. Deliverability seems good. MXRoute is good too, and I think the lifetime deal is still around. I self-host my emails using Mailcow, but I have it configured to route outbound emails via MXroute.


I have been forwarding emails for like a decade with great success, but understand the nuances of this.

The imapsync suggestion is a decent one which I hadn’t considered, so thank you. I already love this tool and always use it for migrations.


Dang that sucks. I hope you find a way to resolve this problem. I’d highly recommend you find an alternative method to export it and don’t rely on Google building something to migrate it out for you. After all, they’re talking about sunsetting accounts, if they even built a tool like this it’d only be in use for a short period before it becomes obsolete again. I don’t think they can justify the manpower/time.

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If you’re looking for free self-hosted email suite, take a look at Mailcow — it kills every other competitor. It has ALL the functions needed, it is correctly configured to combat spam (unlike popular iRedmail for example), it has a great web interface with advanced functions like 2FA, temporary/additional mail aliases, advanced mail routing, address rewriting, external email server IMAP sync, configurable spam filter per-user, and so on.

It has a drawbacks though: no releases (there are unnumbered docker containers which are built from git master), no thorough testing before making a docker build (switching php to php 7 broke several components and functions, which were fixed by the author only after building new docker container), new unexpected functions (the author added XMPP server, a bit odd handling of network access and network behavior per se (HTTPS requests to are performed every 5-6 seconds on idle server · Issue #3929 · mailcow/mailcow-dockerized · GitHub)
It also consumes a pretty lot of RAM. Authors recommend running it with 6 GB RAM+.

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This is what I’m using. I love it. I’m running it on a HostHatch VPS with 16GB RAM along with a whole heap of other things.

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I’ve dabbled off and on with Mailcow. I always liked it. Super easy admin and, ya know the whole self-hosted thing. The only thing I don’t really like is having to update it weekly. Call me crazy, but MXRoute is waaaaay easier lol.


MXroute is the way to go. @Jarland Any chance of a special offer for GSuite refugees?
BTW another big loss is the Google Meet feature, as the free version forces all participants to log-in with their Google account.


Good Ole googy changing their minds a bit.

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His prices are pretty good without a promo imho. However, there is currently a lifetime promo:


I started forwarding from my personal domain to several family members gmail accounts via Cloudflare. Very easy to set up. There is no spam filtering or logfiles you can review. My fear is that at some point Gmail will start blocking Cloudflare for forwarding so much spam, but since it’s Cloudflare hopefully they are big enough and have a good enough reputation to work that out.


The MXroute orders have been insane. Black Friday sales can’t compete with Google doing this.


I use cloudflare beta to receive mail without any problems and it filtering as if still hosted with google apps. I respond with smtp server on vps. works great honestly I don’t have to worry about mail storage on vps.

My parents use this plan. I use Fastmail. I used imapsync to sync their Gsuite emails to a regular Gmail account and setup a forward.

Google officially limits IMAP unloads to 500MB/day which would be tough for me since I wanted to move >60GB of emails. Fortunately, this cap was not enforced for me.

If you’re thinking of an IMAP → IMAP transfer, I’d start early. It always takes longer than I expect it to.

You can download an entire G Suite mailbox via IMAP twice per month, to account for migrations or setting up new clients.

Other than that, the IMAP download rate limit is at 2.5 GB per day.

Yes. The download rate limit is 2.5GB/day. There is also an upload limit of 500MB/day. Because, I was moving GWorkplace → Gmail, the upload limit is relevant. This upload limit is what wasn’t enforced.

FWIW I couldn’t even hit 2.5GB per day because of what appeared to be throttling on their end. It took me around a week and a half to transfer ~13GB of emails.

They just forward email, right? I wonder if the forwarded emails get marked as spam by some email servers.