Good VPS services

I know there are plenty of the offers in the “Offers” but when it comes to something really reliable what can you recommend? I have read some good reviews of knownhost, kvchosting, vpsland, rockhoster. What would you say?

Hi and welcome!

I think what matters more is what’s your definition of “good”. You mentioned reliability but I think what do you mean by reliability. What’s your intended use/purpose? What’s your expected hardware requirements? What’s your expected network requirements? What’s your budget?

I think this will help narrow down which hosters will be recommended. For example, Knownhost is quite the quality host, but some might consider their premium (relatively higher pricing) is something they might shy away from. Not saying Knownhost is bad, they’re 10/10 solid provider, but understanding your requirements and intended purpose/budget will help narrow down what you’re recommended.

If you’re just looking for in general, well… Knownhost and KVC I’ve used before and I don’t have anything bad to say. I’d also suggest BuyVM, Prometeus/Iperweb and Linode into that mix.

If you’re looking for full cloud solutions, I’m personally a big fan of AWS/Azure/GCP, but of course others might have their own opinions.


These names appears new to me. I will have a look.
Good means good value for money and customer service.

That’s the thing.

Many of the vendors you’ve already reviewed have good value for the money. However, understanding what you consider as “value” will help further narrow this list down. This is because my definition or preference of value might be different than yours.

For example, there’s a VPS vendor who overcrowds their service and charges people for cheap rates with expectations that they’re not going to get much in support. Basically, they’re unreliable. One might argue the value is there, but I wouldn’t host anything critical or important on it. But to some people, they offer more/better value than anyone else on the list because of how cheap they charge (I think at one point they were down to 5 dollars a year).

You see what I mean?

I personally use alibabacloud and vultr