Good Hosting in Serbia?

I’m looking for a host that provides 99% uptime in Serbia. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I’m not sure if the country can offer this.


In Romania or Bulgaria, sure … but Serbia is not the hotbed of hosts afaik.

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They could be, with ABC putting them directly inside Kentucky.


I think h4f has for quite a while.

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I’d recommend NiNet which have a very strong network.

More: Serbia VPS

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Found this…

Courtesy of the very handy…


I think it can, DreamWebhosting have 99% uptime, also all of their packages include CPanel, and price are reasonable

Yeah, but all of their packages are out of stock :frowning: . Host4fun is okay too, but prices are a bit high.

Oh, Mint Hosting look like amazing option, a lot of popular Serbian companies are using that hosting for their website, so far best recommendation

I heard about unlimited hosting, it always pop up on my browser as ad, but i dont think it have 99% uptime, but its very cheap, and one Serbian TV program is using that hosting.