GOG to refund DRM free games up to 30 days after purchase

That’s a huge step from GOG but also shows why I love them so much. They really try to get the best out of it for both the developers (they get wax more than with steam) and the players (DRM free games, better performance) now adding this refund policy. When asked whether the new refund policy would invite pirates in they argued smth like pirates be pirates anyway but that’s no reason to not give every benefit possible to their legit clients. Props to GOG and CD Project for taking this milestone. You guys are amazing!

Disclaimer for those who wonder:

Have you really never shared a DRM free game of GOG?

It’s giving and taking is all I can say about this.
I usually buy the games always on GOG if available, even when more expensive, to support the developers and have my own backup in csse the Plattform goes down.
Talking about sharing, I am definitely not the one to go behind the back of the developers and want them to loose any possible purchase but I’ll say this:
There is steam sharing as well and especially for LAN parties games with coop mode games could be passed around. That being said most of my friends would purchase the game shortly after anyway and if not it was usually because they didnt like it.
Gaming is smth to enjoy together and sometimes sharing is caring. Abusing the DRM free system to mass distribute is another story imho. Just my opinion though. Like GOG said: Pirates be pirates anyway. If they dont wanna pay for it they wont. Same like with DvDs. I hate the copy protection imposed on them. Legit clients/fans of the movie who buy the DvDs cant easily make a backup copy in case the disk stops working while others would just torrent it anyway.


Agreed. I’ve been a happy GOG customer since Sept 2008 because of decisions like this

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It’s kinda sad that GOG Connect is kinda dead though :confused: