GlusterFS alternatives? (beegfs?) For wordpress files clustering

Hey everyone,

I am really interested to find a solution to do a WordPress cluster using a shared file system. But GlusterFS is way too slow to even with caching and I couldn’t found a way to correctly set it up for it to be fast.

I founded something called beegfs ( but I am way under-experienced to use it as for me the docs are completely unreadable and I can’t find any good explanation on the web. I simply want to sync files between multiple servers, without loosing too much I/O. The goal is that if a machine receives a file for example all other nodes make a touch to “reserve” the file name and then it starts to transfer between nodes without losing any write/read speed (of course except the needed speed to write the new file).

Do any fast solutions like GlusterFS exists or a solution as I stated it?

PS : I am interested for it not only for wordpress, I saw syncthing for backups too but if there is a better solution I would definitely love it.

see, glusterFS is not slow.
You need low latency, means same rack, direct link etc.

But you will never archive like local disk latency.

Mhmm I tried with 6 machines of Hetzner so the link is nearly local. I think it’s even routed in local but it was really too slow for a webserver.