Giveaway - Win access to 4 SaaS + AppSumo Credits

Hey guys,

There’«s a facebook group doing an awesome giveaway.
Everyone that joins gets access to 3 Apps and a chance to win AppSumo credits. If you do some actions (like inviting people) and you cross 1000 points, then you win an extra App.

Apps EVERYONE gets access to.
2yr of Canva PRO - Everyone knows this one, no need for an intro.

Lifetime Access to BerryCast

Lifetime Acess to an InVideo Premium Workspace

Lifetime Access to an Hoversignal Premium Workspace

How to join? yeah well use my link please

Good luck to winning the credits. But have fun with the guaranteed apps :slight_smile:

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access to 3 apps guaranteed after joining the group ?

That’s the promise… the guy, Jen Moo, is well respected so I have faith he’s going to come through with it.