[Giveaway] Games for all HostBallers! Happy Holidays!

Assuming I’m allowed to double dip after 24h, I’d love The Surge from @wtfcook’s list!

It turns out I also have left-over keys on my HB account, so here’s my contributions:


Dang it, there’s so many I like that I need time to choose. Lol

I’m the thinking about subscribing HB… Because of you. So ma wife hate ya all

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Could I get Crysis 2 please? :slight_smile:


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activated it 2 seconds ago… : |

If you’re happy to, you could send all of the keys to either @Mason or me and we can list the games and handle the distribution for you? :slight_smile:

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Sure, that will be great. I’ll send a PM to you soon with the keys in a spreadsheet.

Edit: PM Sent


@Yes Can I get the Sims 3 + extentions? It’s for my GF as she enjoys it quite a bit.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I need to think of something I can give back to the community…

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im one of those who redeem every key i get to grow my steam e-peen, eventho it doesnt mean anything, so i dont have many unredeemed games, but i can give
[ Kholat, No Time To Explain Remastered and Psychonauts ]
to the list as i already have them.

Anyway, kinda different from the other stuff, if someone happened to buy the Unity bundle couple months back for the games, and dont need the assets included, i could be interested in them

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You guys are amazing. Thank you @Mason for Overwatch!

@wtfcook I just checked your list, and I can take Blackwake as a gift for my brother as he’s really into pirate games :smile:

Also you guys got me into thinking about subscribing to Humble Bundle. I’m not much of a gamer but I thought my lil’ brother might like that. $12/mo will add up pretty quick though, so not sure if it’s worth it.


Don’t worry about it. I still have so many damn games I hardly ever play. The least I can do is give the ones I’ll never use to other people who will use them.

Can I get Rising Storm 2?

Now that the day’s reset, I’d like to get a copy of Crazy Machines 2 @Mason :slight_smile:

(I think you can tell that I have way too much freetime)

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Done :slight_smile:

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Damn, that kind of makes me feel dumb for buying Overwatch “on sale” last year (during their Christmas sale…).


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Im already tracer


Hey @Pndy! :slight_smile:

Thanks for offering up some games! I’d like to snatch Kholat from you, if no one else has claimed it already

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Currently traveling in China, my suggestion is dont wear ultraboost or pureboost or something.
Roads sucks.

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I bought it at the very begin. Fans of team fortress2. Still play tf2 more than any others.