[Giveaway] Games for all HostBallers! Happy Holidays!

Mafia III + DLC Extra would happily grab it from your hands :slight_smile:

great job though mate!

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@Mason Looks like I’m going to be the first one asking for indie game - The Long Dark :smiley:

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If anyone’s got an extra Overeatch key, I’d greatly appreciate it. Friends been trying to get me in, but I’m too lousy at FPS games to justify buying it .

I talked to @Mason about this and I will also be listing some games and a few apps/subscriptions. Still working on the google spreadsheet. Will hopefully have it up later tonight.


Thanks for this giveaway :slight_smile:
If still available I’d like to give Mafia 3 a try^°

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You’re awesome Mason!

I highly recommend somebody go snag 7 Days to Die if they haven’t played it yet. It’s an amazing game (think survival minecraft with zombies), and it’s super easy to sink hundreds of hours into.

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The list has many quality games. If it is possible, I would like the game: GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst

Thank you!

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I’m pretty new here but already like it and know I’ll be around a while. I’ve asked @Mason to also post my google docs links in his post so my links are more noticeable. Hopefully he obliges. Probably shoudl have done this in my own thread. To make it easier, please ping me when you are requesting a game from my lists, @wtfcook :slight_smile:

Everything should work. If any of the keys or app/subscription codes do not work please let me know. You will get to pick another and I apologize for any issues.

@Wolveix edit: I’ve added your lists to @Mason’s post. Thank you for your generosity :slight_smile:


I’d love to get HOI4!

Thanks for doing this btw :slight_smile:

Edit: Also thanks for putting the Steam links to the games, it’s VERY helpful.

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I’ll take the Dashlane subscription! Mine is coming up for renewal and it’d be nice to save a bit on another year :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for adding your collection to the mix! Glad to see I’m not the only hoarder around here :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, mate. Someone else snatched Mafia III. Let me know if you have a different choice In mind

Changed my mind on my pick. Daughter did too once she saw gameplay. She had only seen me creating a character and it looks ok. Horrible game, lol.

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@wtfcook Could I grab Gang Beasts?

Cheers for your contributions :slight_smile:


Ah fair enough :smiley: I’ll have a look later but nvm me^^ You are awesome for doing this giveaway and so is everyone here participating & contributing! Merry X-MAS days to you all :slight_smile:

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My daughter would like ‘We Were Here Too’. She saw it on my list and said she and my son had played the first one and would like to play this one. Had to remove it from my list so they can both have a copy. Thanks!


Lara Croft GO

Thank you very much.

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Hearts of iron is definitely one of my favorite collectiins. Been playing that since the first one.

Unfortunately the DLCs are a rip off.

Yeah, I’ve been meaning to get into the Hearts of Iron franchise as I’m a big Paradox fan when it comes to their strategy games.

Coming from Crusader Kings 2 I’m used to their DLCs :frowning:

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So many great games, but I always feel bad when I take things and not give anything back :disappointed_relieved:

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I just checked my Humble Bundle account and I do have around 20 unredeemed keys. Perhaps I will give those away too - but I will be travelling to China so I’m not sure if I will be able to deliver the keys…