GitScrum Lifetime - Perpetual License

Hey, GitScrum is running a Lifetime Deal ( ) and will release a new version in a few days. Does anyone use GitScrum?

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I’m really fond of Jira + Gitea + Invoice Ninja myself but GitScrum looks pretty decent.

Tl;dr what is GitScrum? Smth like Git? :smiley:

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Ah. Sounds nice, but no need atm.

Gitea. and Gogs for me.

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CVS is all you need.


Try Gitea, you might never look back again.

Tested Gitscrum, didn’t really fancy it but the new UI is coming so who knows…
…but i’ve seen quite a few complains about the founder which turned me off, not that I’m surprised since I too had an odd exchange with the CEO.

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Care to elaborate?

Seems that he routinely misses deadlines, and gets arrogant when people get impatient, instead of simply apologize for the delay and set a realistic deadline.

In my particular case it was a different subject, his reasoning made no sense (although I know exactly what he thought he could get me to do) and when I asked for him to explain it, he just went silent.


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