GitScrum Lifetime deal


Yeah, my plan is to give access to clients so that they can follow up on the project.

Mostly to solve two problems.

  • having to go thru multiple strings of emails to settle disagreements about what was said at any given point in time.

  • to make their feeback easier to follow up per task. Specially when it evolves images and docs.


Got you, that makes sense. To be fair, if you just provided access to a board, I doubt it would be difficult for them to use at all.


Yeah, might be.
I’m gonna test the permissions ordeal.



I’ve just remembered that GitLab offers great project management with pretty much all of the features I need. Despite preferring Gitea to GitLab due to resource usage, if I can consolidate two applications into one, then that’s ideal.

Edit: Just found out that to access the majority of the project management tools, it’s $99/m per user. Fuck that.


Currently I’m sticking to Asana. Something in Gitscrum puts me off… probably because I hate their UI and I’m not sure I want to invest in it hopping for somtime soon, to be an app I WANT to use.


Jira has been the closest thing I’ve found to ideal. Pivotal Tracker looks great, but the pricing scheme isn’t ideal.


Saw someone use it some years ago and IIRC his boss complainer he had to toss some bucks but looked very solid unless my memory fails!


Lavagna looks pretty interesting.