GitScrum Lifetime deal

Heya guys,

GitScrum is running a lifetime deal, thought you guy might be interested. Just a few hours to the deadline.

I personally love Asana so I’m not sure I care for the ligetime deal.
Anyone here already using GitScrum?

@vovler @Miguel
Seems like its a portuguese startup :slight_smile:

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Wish them all the luck in the world.

I’m trying to open my own company and after I looked at the Portuguese tax system I started crying tears of blood.

Looking at Wyoming and the US tax system seems so much better, but I still don’t understand shit about double taxation and If opening an LLC in the US and not paying taxes to Portugal is even legal.

Being “El Cheapo the second” I tried researching the world wide web, but all the articles are related to Brasil. Damn you google, I want PT-PT results not PT-BR

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Just tell them you have a permit.

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Interesting… :grin:

Its crazy, isnt it?

Have you checked Estonia to register a EU company?

Here’s an article about the salary & taxation: Frequently asked questions | Xolo FAQ

Hope it can help you a bit, and all the best :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. After reading it, it seems that I will need to pay all taxes in Portugal, and my goal is to avoid the portuguese tax system for a more favourable one.


You really need to get an appointment with an Attorney specialized in Fiscal law, and with an accountant.
You will need to pay taxes in Portugal (ie. personal gains like your wage), the question is, you might be able to avoid paying business taxes in Portugal.
Read: Offshore Businesses.

You might be interested in this;

GitScrum looks ugly as f… but Lifetime deal is juicy…
Here«'s their roadmap

Anyone thinking on getting it?

Edit: They’re even worse than me comminicating with clients.

Dry answers as fk… rubbing the “dont bug me” stance

Nope. I can’t see any benefits to using it over Trello or a free open source solution.

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Same here. Scrum boards are good and all, but I feel like I’ve seen at least a dozen decent open-source scrum apps. I’d take a widely-used free app with an active development community over a black box solution from a relatively unknown company any day.

Just my thoughts.


I don’t like the interface at all.


The benefit is white label, unlimited users.
But the app is to rough, and the way they reply doesn’t make me feel they have passion for the project so… ill stay away.

There are various free open source alternatives that offer the same benefits.

Yeah, I actually use erpnext for a few things and I could use it for that too.
But I prefer Asana… And at first thought that this app could be a replacement.

What are you guys using?

I just use Trello as it’s more than sufficient for my uses. But you can find some self-hosted alternatives here.

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I went thru that list once… Asana beat them all without breaking a sweat .

I hadn’t heard of Asana before, looks pretty great! Might be worth looking into.

Word of caution. I once tried to switch to Trello
But went back to asaba. It’s really great, unfortunately it’s expensive.

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