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Finally Joomla took a lesson from WordPress, and have partnered with CloudAccess to give people a free Joomla website on a Joomla subdomain. (

Joomla is still alive? Thought it died moons ago.


It improved a lot since v1.5, 2.5 was already a nice jump, but it was on v3 that it really became great, miles better than everything else around.
V4 is looking nice, for instance bootstrap 4 becomes native to Joomla (currently its Bootstrap2), php7 becomes a requirement (currently its advised but you can still run on 5.6). The admin panel was refreshed, among many other improvements.

I build my first dynamic website using Joomla 1.5. It was an amazing tool. I changed a site later for Wordpress, easier to customize.

If you liked Joomla 1.5 back then… you gotta love the v3.8. (v4 looks great but still in development) you should spin up a J3.8 to see how different it is from 1.5.

After using Joomla for a while, you won’t go back to WordPress.

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If I recall correctly, the pain I had with Joomla was forum software.

Choices, or lack there of, sucked. It’s got, what, Kunena? And EasyDiscuss.

Dat’s it. If you want anything else, it was either a custom bridge or had to separate CMS part and forum part.

Kunena and EasyDiscuss evolved a lot too, but there are other choices. There is already more than one Joomla extension that act as a bridge to phpBB, and probably other forum softwares as well.

As a curiosity, there is atleast one Joomla Framework to develop templates with that enables the final template to be installed in Joomla and WordPress.

Personally, since J2.5 that I never again had a reason to consider WordPress again.

WP Master Race

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To add to my other post, the framework I was refering to is Gantry.