Get 50% off on all VPS plans with coupon code: #STAYHOME valid till 28-04-2020

Are you looking for a reliable VPS for your project?

eCoinVPS s currently offering 50% discount on all VPS and RDP plans with the coupon code: #stayhome.

eCoinVPS is a new VPS company established in 2019 with just a little more than a thousand clients at the moment, we have built our business on quality, speed and performance as our servers are powered by NVMe SSD local storage, DDR4 ECC RAM, latest Intel processors with 6 data centers across the globe.

eCoinVPS empowers individual and businesses to deploy VPS servers anonymously using cryptocurrency payment methods such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, USD coin, Dia.

Price starting from $1.88 only.

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Be aware that the prices listed on their website are for 24 month billing period (longer than the Germans!)

Longer than the Germans? :laughing: We have the option to choose between 1,3,6,12 and 24 months, maybe you should check again and we also offer 24 hours free trial using the code: freetry

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Yeah, I know. It’s kind of a German thing to advertise a super long billing period and make things look cheap. Just my opinion.

You are not 100% wrong though, anyway the offer is still very cheap with additional 50% off it’s supper cheap.

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