General CloudFlare Outage (502) on 2 July

Eh, these aren’t really CF competitors.

If you want similar products:
Incapsula (Imperva now), RadWare, Fastly…

he wants something affordable


Looks like everything is back online.

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I would correct this to *millions of sites.

Only i have multiple sites on cloudflare that are now down.

Seems to be coming back on now.

Interesting though, LET was down aswell.

What are you guys using as basic protection? Or absolutely nothing?

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In all fairness it takes time to update a status page. Things usually go down before you do, and then you have to figure out what that is and what the scope of impact is, write it up, then post it. People too often think this is just magic that happens without delay.


I use both, no need for Cloudflare at all

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I would think they would have the page automated, which is like the whole purpose of monitoring. Check out AWS’s status page for example.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




was DNS affected or just the proxy’s?

Authorative Cloudflare DNS works fine, too, same high speed as usual.

Just proxies, I believe.

Will be interesting to see what the issue was that caused it. Maybe a potato farm in Idaho sent out bad BGP routes or something this time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Boll Weevil Protocol.

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Some rumors say, its a giant bloody ddos.

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If even cloudflare can’t protect itself from ddosers, how can it protect it’s clients.

It was just ColoCrossing who sent out faulty BGP routes for their IPv6 network, resulting in all CloudFlare data being routed over their IPv6 network. Hence, bad gateway.

I don’t believe it was a DDoS issue.

You tend to get a bad gateway when you sign up.