FTP - Able to Login but Not Edit File (cPanel Hosting)

Hi Guys,

So this is probably something freaking simple yet… it’s a first for me.
This is a cPanel shared hosting account, I created an ftp account, logon to it nicely… but can’t edit any file (I like to use livezilla + sublime), when I try to do that… it says my authentication failed.

Any ideas?

Update: I also can’t download nor upload files, so basically all I can do is login and browse the files/folders…


UPDATE: Seems to be a rights issue, because if I login with the main cpanel account via FTP, then I’m free to do whatever upload/download/edit.
For some reason (at least its a first for me), ftp account created within cPanel can only browse.

Report to the host! Should be able to fix it in a minute.

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It’s a 404 issue.