Freenom Suspended Domains with No Reason Given

So the title says it all…it kinda sucks as I was using these domains to demo stuff to people. Months into the demoing…and a week off to the decision…the domains get suspended…those bastards don’t even give a reason nor a way to reach out and solve it.

So there ya go folks…free stuff is lovely isn’t it?

That sucks, but it’s free. You get what you paid for :+1:

So nothing… makes sense. lol
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Exactly haha

Sure thing :wink:

Yeah… for as long as I stop cursing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
…not sure I can promise ya that :thinking:

I only usually edit other people’s posts for better clarity, though I’ve been torn on whether this is a fair thing to do for a while now. Thread titles are often edited for the same reason.


Not sure it’s a good use of your time, but it’s a kind thing to do. People can always ask questions, ya know… forum like :stuck_out_tongue:

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I enjoy doing it as it helps to keep the place a bit cleaner and easier to digest. At the same time however, it could be argued that some personality could be lost due to edits made by someone else. This is half of the reason that I only ever edit opening posts for new threads.

It’s cool :slight_smile:

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What’s that :wink:


Yeah, I’ve heard of them doing this with the free domains and have even experienced this myself. They took a domain back from me when I was using it before. Contacted support and never got a response. Figured someone made an offer on it or it got so many dns hits that they were going to try and sell it (*takes off tinfoil hat*)

That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

Nothing unusual with Freenom. :frowning:

Never rely on free stuff! :grin:

Yeah, I’ve seen this happen too. Never rely on Freenom for any ‘serious’ projects.

Note that with Freenom, you don’t actually own the domain name. They own it. You’re just licensing it from them, and they’re free to revoke that license at any time for any reason (or for no reason at all). That’s all in the terms of service, which of course you read when you signed up, right? Right? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a few TLDs that have cheap registration and renewal… Check and just get one of those cheap ones. You could get a nice short domain and just use subdomains for each one of your projects.

Freenom also suspended some .tk domains I had with them, however they always sent notice. Support usually replied pretty fast and I usually would call them via phone if I needed something where they were quick to help :slight_smile: So not all that negative from my experience

What TLD’s?

Itnwaa a couple .tk
But I have more running with no issues what so ever. They simply nitpick two that are nice names.

FreeNom suspends domains that don’t have any activity - i.e. small amount (or none at all) DNS requests hitting their TLD nameservers.

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I know, yet they choose to suspend the domains I am actively using instead of the ones I’m not
Funny thing, they once emailed me about the impending suspension of a domain for the lack of activity, yet they never followed thru.
As for the couple they did suspend, I only got to know about it after they were suspended. So no heads up.

I’m still a bit of a hassle, but oh well… Lesson learned.

Ah, that’s a shame then.
Suspending active domains is not good. While one could argue that you get what you pay for, it’s still not nice to provide a free service and then start pulling it out of sudden.

IMO they should either fix this, or stop providing free domains at all.