Free domain name available

Well, due to my fucking dumb ass brain, I just registered instead of … like wtf… I must have been sleepy… As I have no use of it, and don’t feel like I can make a lot out of it, I thought I would give it away to the community :slight_smile: Will randomly pick the winner after around 2 days. Just comment here

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You could try getting a refund, if you just registered it (as in within the past 24hrs).

PS: don’t count my comment towards your giveaway, cause I don’t want the domain :stuck_out_tongue:

Rather just do a giveaway instead of asking for a refund on a domain paid via bitcoin. Also, I regged another domain at the same time, so worried that it will cancel the other one as well. Can’t find anything about their porkbun’s policy either.
Yeah, the domain looks awful :-;

Well, that’s mighty generous of you. Good luck to all participants :+1:

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Speaking of, SEATLESS.BIKE will be available to rereg next month.

Wut. Expiration Date: 2019-02-05

I guess this registrar does something silly and extends by a year while in the process of expiration. It was only paid for a year, and set to autorenew.

Time to move to godaddy! You can use the following special time limited code DICKSSPECIAL to get $1 off your next purchase. They will be strict about domain expiration, and they will even put it on an auction if you don’t pay to get moa dolla



Damn, no one? :-; there will be thousands of people screaming if it was on LET

Don’t want it.

Pretty much this.

I’m kinda interested, but hadn’t got round to checking out the renewal costs

$7/yr at Porkbun where it’s registered. New registrations are on for $0.99 though at the moment…