Free Domain Health Checker

Just came accross this

Seems pretty cool.Anyone here been using it? or alternatives?
I’ve also used this one in the past ; Attack Surface Management & Dark Web Monitoring | ImmuniWeb® Discovery , the free version, but the simplicity of the domain health is nice (& also free) whoever, it probably comes at a cost.

Which of you bastards is Holy shit is that slow and broken.

How long do you think it will take for someone to spam all those website owners?

… Who am I kidding by now a bunch of people already scrap that page and spam the fk… Out of those guys with guaranteed results seo.

hosted on a Gullo micro slice with extended memory through swap file, running main page from cgi-bin with bash scripts and server side includes on apache without cache but with extended logging

no idea why it’s slow, as i only run the slice as an Ubuntu ISO mirror in the background

I forgot about Cam. He’s the last NAT host I have left.

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wise choices here