Free Direct Admin License - Suggestions

I was planning to offer Free Direct Admin License with almost all our VPS Packages (that matches minimum requirement of Direct Admin)

Wanted to know your views and suggestions about free Direct Admin License ?

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Don’t know about others but it would definitely not motivate me to purchase the VPS.

Also, instead of DirectAdmin, you can offer Webuzo panel (buy the 3 year license for $75)

If the client cancels the VPS, you can change the IP on the Webuzo license and re-use it.

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Same here, but then again I do this shit as a livingsideline.

Thanks for the feedback

You’re a demi-god, I was referring to mortal peasants like us :stuck_out_tongue:

Debian, thx.

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Nice to have but wouldn’t convince me either. If it is a small project I usually go for the bang for the buck (Hetzner or Contabo smallest vps) and install a free panel (hestiacp/keyhelp/ispconfig). If it’s a big server I have, I’ll go the extra mile and pay for a quality panel.

BuyVM offers free DirectAdmin too. It’s a nice value-add, but I wouldn’t choose one particular provider just because they offer DirectAdmin for free.

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It’s not about getting orders for VPS just because of DA, but it’s just one more value added service, basically saving $5 for clients