Free apps that should not die

Watching NodeQuery “going down” today I think this would be an interesting thread.

There are some free services that are incredible easy to use and really useful, they shouldn’t die.

I’d like to start with:

  • NodeQuery of course. This is a really simple service I use to monitor the “not so important” servers I have. Nice and simple design, it gives me uncluttered data.

  • Google GSuite free edition. I’m really happy I managed to grab an account before the domain restrictions started to be enforced. I have some more but with domains expired and not useful anymore. imok exists thanks to this :blush:

  • Google Picasa Viewer. I haven’t found an alternative to this photo viewer. It was really easy to navigate between photos in fullscreen, I loved its zoom controls. The album manager and photo editor was easy to use too.

  • Proxmox. I can’t find another well done control panel like Proxmox. Free, clean and easy to use for my basic knowledge. What if they decide to start enforcing payment for it? Oh man.

What about you? Did/will you miss something?


+1 for GSuite free edition

  • Pocket - save stuff to read it later and without distraction (reading mode)
  • Slack
  • GSuite free (didn’t exactly die, just the free version).
  • SparkPost free 100,000 emails/month (didn’t die, but was limited to 500 emails/month).
  • free email and webhosting where I would share my PHP FI 2.0 projects with the world (died following lawsuits and parliament bills on hoster responsibility).
  • Let’s Encrypt, this was a game changer and I hope it’s here to stay (free).
  • Perl (lots of haters).
  • PHP (lots of haters).
  • Linux (not really at risk, but who knows).
  • FreeBSD/PFSense (might be in slight decline).
  • TempleOS (not really)
  • MXroute free (had a 5$ setup).
  • Altiriis app virtualization (eventually killed by Symantec).
  • NX Capture free (easiest powerful photo editing for me, never found anything like it).
  • Firefox. Has been in decline for years and I get asked a lot why I use it. I remember when browsers were not for free, and when IE was the best browser available: Firefox made my online life so much better.
  • Thunderbird. This one I’m really afraid of losing: not so intuitive, too many bugs, and has alienated almost all plugin authors, at a time when standalone desktop email clients are a vanishing breed.
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100k emails/month with SparkPost? That’s crazy.

I agree with Let’s Encrypt too.

I don’t think Linux will die. The world is ruled by Linux systems (except banks XD).

Firefox was the best years ago.

What wrong with Firefox?

My biggest issue with Firefox is it doesn’t work that well with Google Meet, which admittedly isn’t Firefox’s fault.

Really? What issues? It does work well for me. I might be the only one in the company that uses Firefox so I do not have feedback from anyone else.

Hah, the issues I’ve had with Firefox and Google Meet…after months of issues, I found in my situation that it was never actually Firefox’ issue. I was using a MacBook Pro for work, using macOS Catalina. Despite temps being fine, it was due to thermal throttling (verified through the activity monitor).

For those of you who have issues with Firefox privacy-wise (I unfortunately have the compatibility issues too, in that case I fire up Chromium for certain sites) I can recommend Waterfox. I’ve used this fork for years and I’m really happy about it. Mozilla really has a ton of privacy issues with their browser, especially on mobile, despite how they market their brand.

+1 for free Gsuite! Both me and a family member have been using this for years.

Hmm, what else? IFTTT and Pushbullet have decent free plans!

I had issues trying to screen share from Firefox in Google Meets.

When? Meet has natively supported that functionality on Firefox for a while now, though you could do it via an extension prior to that.

Wait a second. When and where!?

Seems like a lifetime ago

It used to be 10GB storage, limited to just one email account. See here:

About 3 years ago. It would work most of the time but occasionally it shared a black screen instead.

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Manga Aggregator and Reader, I believe the popular one right now is Tachiyomi. I missed MangRock tho…