[FREE] 4 hours HTML&CSS for beginners course (part of the course)

So, I follow DevEd on YouTube for quite a while now and he is a great guy who has already done so many interesting YouTube tutorials/videos about developing tasks/projects in general. Recently he has published his first course on a platform similar to Udemy and while I have lots of Udemy courses, I believe his course is definitly one of the way better ones. If you have watched lots of Udemy courses you will know how time consuming it is if you have yet to find out whether an instructor is good or not. You can easily waste hours finding a good course/instructor (be that on YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare…). That’s why I recommend you have a look.
Even though I loved his videos I currently have burned enough of my budget with X-Mas gifts and Black Friday sales, so I thought I’d buy his course some other day. Guess what?! He released the first 4 hours for free, publicly available on YouTube.
Whether you are looking to buy the full course, or just gonna check out the first 4 hours…if you are only remotely thinking about learning/getting into HTML/CSS, check him out:

First 4 hours free

Course launch video

Making of the course

About the course, why not published on Udemy



And all course from Yandex practicum are good. First 20 hour is free :wink:

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