Found Free DirectAdmin Hosting Without Email for First Year

While I was browsing WHT I found this deal that someone here may be useful for. Like for college, resume site, etc. Which you don’t need Email functionalities included.

At the same time not going for a freemium or “totally free” hosting that often riskier than going with a business that aims to make any profits.

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Free Directadmin Hosting you say? I present myself to you good sir!

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That’s pretty awesome. I’ll have to mention you to the other non-profits I work with out here in the boondocks. I’m sure we can get a couple to convert to a paid plan. Right now they’re all just using Facebook.


Conversion or no, I actually do it as a charity tbh and as a way to give back to the internet:)


I actually use @SERIESN hosting, I saw it on and its great

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