[FlowVPS] Australian NVMe KVM VPS | 4GB RAM $9.32 AUD/month (~$7 USD)

2 vCPU
30GB NVMe Storage
500GB Data
1 IPv4
$9.32 AUD/month (~$7 USD)
Order Now!

Servers are located in Equinix ME1 (Melbourne, Australia).
Looking glass: http://lg.flowvps.com/

Payment methods: PayPal & Stripe (Apple Pay enabled)

Feel free to PM me or ask any questions in this thread.


Not bad for some Aussie love. I wish my connection to Australia wasn’t terrible.

I’m considering getting a VPS in Australia since I’m originally from Australia and one of my sites has traffic primarily from Victoria and NSW, but I’m currently hosting it out of Las Vegas (BuyVM). Does anyone on this forum have any experience with FlowVPS?

Pretty sure @dah85 can give you some comments, based on what I know FlowVPS service is great and premium.


Service/uptime is great. I wouldn’t know about routing/etc within Australia though, just using it for geo distribution. I’d say they’re a good option, especially in the LE price range.


Thanks! FlowVPS uses ColoAU for primary upstream, they have PoPs in all major cities in AU with transit and IX connections. Your packets are in good hands!


Thanks everyone!

@Brendan Do you have any cheaper plans (eg. with 2 GB RAM, or even 1 GB RAM would be okay for me), or are these the best prices you have the moment? They do look pretty cheap for Australia.

Also do you still charge GST on international orders? My understanding is that international customers may not need to pay GST (ref Do I need to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) on sales to overseas customers? - Austrade).

I can do a cheaper one with less specs for you. Give me 5 min and I’ll post an offer :slight_smile:

GST is charged on all services irrespective of the buyers location as the service is technically rendered inside AU. I always build it into the advertised price as that’s the standard practice here and I’d feel like I was misleading people otherwise.



Here you go! :smiley:


Nice! I’m about to go to sleep, but I’ll take a look tomorrow.

Are the specs upgradable? For example, if I want to add more RAM or disk space in the future?

Prefer to keep inline with packages but if you need a bit extra of something down the road I’m sure we can work it out.


FlowVPS is definitely premium and awesome. I had a service with them in Melbourne and it was amazing. Me being the tightass that I am let it go and “settled” for Sydney elsewhere, but word on the street is they are expanding to other cities too, so I’m keeping a close watch :slight_smile:

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This should be trademarked ASAP! :smile:


This is one of the comments that convinced me to sign up. Thanks! :slight_smile:

By the way @Brendan, do you count both incoming and outgoing traffic, or only incoming, or only outgoing? No hosts seem to be consistent with exactly what they count - I’ve seen some with only incoming traffic metered, and others with only outgoing traffic metered. :confused:

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Both directions are counted :slight_smile: Bandwidth in Australia comes at a decent premium compared to the rest of the world.


Totally understand that. Thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:

No worries! Want me to send you some FlowVPS stickers?


Take the stickers, I have mine and they take pride of place on my laptop :slight_smile:

EDIT: shilling for trewq all day


Ha, I’d love that. Thanks for the offer! You can send them to the address listed on my FlowVPS account (in Palo Alto, CA).

I can send you a few bucks for postage… The affordability of your VPSes, combined with how quickly you reply to support tickets, makes me feel like I should owe you more money :stuck_out_tongue: