Fiskea - Aggregator of providers and their offers


You probably know how difficult it is to choose providers and their offers among the great number of options. Especially if you have specific requirements. Common search engines are not very useful in this situation. That is why we created ​Fiskea​​​. We aggregate information about providers and their offers so that you can find a solution that will meet all your requirements.​​​


Do all these providers have APIs that you can use to get their pricing or do you have to scrape?

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No, they do not. We scrape some information, but we add most of it manually. And then we compare in automatic mode and update the data if necessary.


In this update:

  • Updated and improved user interface.
  • Added “≈” before prices if the amount has been converted.
  • Added information icon next to “PRICE”. On hover will show the price before conversion.
  • 10 more companies were added.
  • Some other minor updates.