Favorite Textpattern Plugins or Themes?

As soon as I get some time, my plan is to play a little bit with Textpattern. (It does seem quite fast and lean. Not sure if I’ll adapt back to Textile again quickly – been using Markdown quite a bit the last years.)

I did search for some themes and plugins, but most I found was 404 or seemed quite old.
According to @WSS in some thread somewhere, it should be some well working plugins out there, so I thought I’d ask:

If you do like Textpattern, what’s your favorite/most used plugins and/or themes?

(I’ll probably build my own theme, but would be nice to test a few well written ones, and tear them apart.) :slight_smile:

Although Textpattern looks intriguing, I wonder how much mindshare it has. There’s a lot of competition in the market segment “PHP-based CMS”.

A glance at their website doesn’t suggest that there are a number of themes available and used, but asking on their forum ( https://forum.textpattern.com/ ) might prove to be more fruitful.

(I also intended to try out Textpattern but haven’t yet had the chance.)

True, maybe I even have an account there from years ago, when I last ran TXP. Seems to me to be well written, and with hard core fans. (Someone called it the Vim of CMS’es, I believe …) :smiley: