Favorite self-hosted SaaS alternatives

Hey friends! I’m curious what self-hosted apps you use regularly that fill the place of services you could subscribe to. For example, some that I use:




I regularly find myself browsing here for updates:


+1 for awesome-selfhosted list. Great resource.

Used to use Grafana + Collectd + Influxdb for monitoring, but was too heavy on resources so decided to cut it.

Apache Guacamole for self-hosted Teamviewer/logmein alt:

Subsonic for music streaming:

Nextcloud for file sync:

Laverna for notes (synced via NextCloud):

KeyWeb for password mgmt (encrypted keystore synced via NextCloud):

Other self-hosted programs I’ve been meaning to try out:

OpenKM for document mgmt (scanning all important docs instead of filing):

Firefly III - a little personal finance manager/budgeter:

Also, have been meaning to give paperwork a shot instead of Laverna (been having issues using Laverna on Windows).


All the awesome* lists are awesome. Huginn looks interesting, what do you personally use it for @Jarland?

I treat it as an IFTTT where I get to define the inputs and outputs instead of just working from a list of supported services. Basically cuts out a middle point in developing automations. One example that I’m working on right now is to have it receive MailChannels notifications via webhook, and then I’ll be able to automate the output on the other side (ideally suspend compromised mail accounts and ticket customer after X alerts).

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Interesting, and integrates with Spectre, which is something amazing I’ve never heard of.

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Nextcloud (used owncloud until it got forked to nc) - tried a few alternatives but nothing has lured me away yet.

Does plex/sickrage count?

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I run FreshRSS, BookStack (wiki software) and Wallabag (pocket replacement)

I’m awaiting the day Mozilla open sources Pocket

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RSS Reader


To synchronize files between devices & servers

baikal (server) coupled with agendav (webui)

I also use bitwarden as password manager, which can be self-hosted, but I don’t want to run Docker so…

How to get the damn previews to work every time?

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@Jarland You still using cloudron for managing some of these installs, docker or just setting them up the old fashion way?

I’ve stumbled upon GitHub - go-shiori/shiori: Simple bookmark manager built with Go today tbh it was posted on /r/selfhosted, it’s an alternative to Pocket / Pinboard.

I really like the interface, and it’s pretty fast. The “cache” function is handy too.


I need a task manager, self-hosted or not (although preferably), so my team can work together, including google calendar there so we can share stuff and assign tasks. Tried a bunch of stuff, didn’t find the right thing yet… :\

I’ve used odoo for some personal stuff and general project/task tracking. Was just me using it so not sure how it’d perform for a team of people but might be worth a shot. Free and self hosted.

Odoo CRM? If I recall correctly it had lots of bugs when I tested it.

Yeah, that’s the one. Has pretty decent project mgmt capabilities. Never noticed any big issues when I was using it. Been meaning to use it more as I haven’t touched it much as of late.

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The closest thing I’ve used for that is Trello.

Giving it a try right now. Thanks :smiley:


Seems interesting as well but meh, I dislike it a bit, but I’ll definitely try it.

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That’s fair enough. Why do you dislike it? It’s not ideal for everything, but I find it extremely useful to keep on top of things and track team progress.

It’s nice for project management, but lacks lots of stuff we need. Google Calendars there, and CRM is quite nice actually since we can integrate it with our billing software and do everything from one place.

Trello seems to be great tho, and their module apps are awesome as per what I can see.

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