Favorite Free Web Tools/Plugins That You Use Daily?

Bit of a random topic but whenever I come across these sorts of topics I always get at least one useful tip or tool out of them.

Looking for cool sites/tools/plugins/whatever that you use everyday, probably best to keep them hosting/sysadmin/webmaster related but I’m open to any cool and useful shit.

Here are a few of my favs:


Does what it says, spits out basic data about an IP like whois info, ASN, rDNS hostname, etc. Can curl it for info about the IP of a box you’re on or can add any IP trailing the domain to get info about that. IP Address Details - IPinfo.io (HostBalls IP as an example)

IPvFoo - Chrome Plugin

Spits out hostnames and IPs for all assets loading on a page. Comes in handy for site moves and little shit I have to do day to day, or just snooping to figure out where something’s hosted.

Ayima Redirect Path - Chrome Plugin

Gives you the path a specific URL click is taking, shows you redirects/server response codes/headers along the way (click on each listed redirect for the full header output). Great for diagnosing little issues with a site or just find out when someone’s trying to shove you through a half dozen goo.gl shortcuts to hide affiliate links.

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Is there any better ping site for multiple locations (for free)?


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I like Fusl’s global ping/mtr tool: http://mtr.sh/

For site speed I don’t think anything beats GTmetrix

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mtr.sh looks awesome indeed :slight_smile:

Edit This Cookie - Chrome Plugin

HTTP Headers - Chrome Plugin

Advanced REST Client - Chrome Plugin
Full-featured REST client right in Chrome. This is probably the best on the list.


Makes your local dev site publicly assessable with a single click. While you can obviously do this on your own for free, I just love the service. It also works on 4G and it’s https without configuring anything.


BGPView is really damn useful!

I’ve been personally using BGPView, MXToolbox, and Godaddy’s whois server. This is all, seriously.
Other than that, I got a bunch of free / freemium software installed locally, such as WinSCP, Putty, Gyazo, etc.

  1. isup.me
    Short version for downforeveryoneorjustme

  2. tools.pingdom.com
    Webmaster thing

  3. gtmetrix.com
    Webmaster thing

  4. LastPass (chrome plugin)
    Password manager

  5. intodns.com
    Check domain ns propagation and other records. I like the simplicity.

  6. Awesome Screenshot (chrome plugin)
    Often use to capture screenshot for article, portfolio, and billing ticket.


Very nice, will definitely be using that one.

Love MXToolbox.

I also use Mail-Tester quite a bit to check deliverability scoring on newsletters or transactional mail on client sites https://www.mail-tester.com/


You guys are giving me war flashbacks with that mxtoolbox talk :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what I use a lot:

Sometimes I want to know what domain pointed to an IP on a certain date, or what IP a domain pointed to on a certain date. This is a huge help. The scenario is this: “I never used that server.” Well, your domain pointed to it on X day, and archive.org also shows it up that day so… yeah you kind of did. Which brings me to:

Historical context is key to so many investigations for abuse, complaint, discussion, whatever.

I want it all. I want to know what domains point to your IP, who your ISP is, who they peer with, everything. One-stop shop. One search.


Holy fuck this is cool. And it’s completely free? I’ve paid for domaintools in the past, didn’t know this existed…


I don’t know anyone else who does, tbh. You’re welcome. That’s one of the sharpest tools in my toolbox.


Very useful. dnstrails is an awesome tool and I can stop being so dependable for domaintools. Thanks for sharing. :+1:


Mail-tester.com is sort of cool tho, you should test it with Rackspace!

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Sure thing! I’ll make that default for new users. In the meantime, you can change that for your account here:

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Yeah I edited my preferences right away, lol. Had to enable to open in a new tab, definitely should be the default.

User Agent Switcher - FireFox Add-on
I find this quite handy to test how a site will look on a specific platform (e.g. Mobile device).

I prefer this over another solution such as LastPass simply for it’s open source and self hosted nature.


I do a lot of Web Hosting work for clients, probably my 3 most used web-based tools are:

I use https://who.is/ for WHOIS lookups. I’m open to suggestions for a better one - it’s kind of filled with ads and stuff but it’s always been reliable and gives me all of the information I’m looking for. It also lets you manually refresh their WHOIS cache. Though, I probably use this site at least 2 dozen times a day so it’s almost muscle memory for me to Ctrl + T then type “who.is”.

For random IP info, I absolutely love http://ipalyzer.com/ and wish it was more popular. I think I found it a few years ago on reddit, and I’ve loved it so much I even donated a few bucks to the owners. It just makes IP lookups really easy - it covers a lot of really important stuff in a streamlined view with no ads.

And of course, https://www.whatsmydns.net/ is great for checking the status of DNS propagation across the world.


telnet whois.geektools.com 43\n

Ditto. But have you try https://dnsmap.io/ before? More servers and had a really nice interface tbh. From the same team who developed jsDelivr.

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