Facebook Bulk Messaging for Pages

How’s it going?

Recently some page in facebook has been bulk messaging all it’s fans [100k+] for their offers… etc. A few of my friends have liked the page but never messaged them on facebook and have been getting many messages on Messanger regarding their offers.

Now this is not some Facebook option and must probably be some program/software.

Anyone ever heard & used this?

Btw i do not have a Facebook but my business does, only using because of that. Fb sucks.

There are likely several homebrew services which allow you to do so, but the fact that people are getting messaged without provocation means that either Facebook is selling the ability to do so, or being oddly passive in maintaining their abiet-low status quo.

Tread lightly, this is grey market at the very least.

There is some sort of limit i would say. Thought the limits are way too low to maintain a non-spam messaging. And i’m very well aware this is not legit or at least full legit but i would like to find such a service without doing any API or whatsoever.