ExtraVM - Limited Promo Return (42% off Ryzen 3900X VPS & $14/y cPanel Hosting)

I’ve decided to add more availability to some old limited promotions for two of my services, cPanel hosting and Ryzen 3900X NVMe VPS in Dallas. Three day refund period for any service no questions asked.

VPS Promotion: “ryz42” - 42% off each month on any Dallas KVM VPS plan.
Web Hosting Promotion: Highly discounted plan, link below.

Both have 20 availability each.

cPanel Web Hosting
5GB NVMe Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
10 Hosted Domains
LiteSpeed Web Server
CloudLinux & CageFS/PHP Selektor
DDoS Protected
Included Free cPanel SSL
JetBackup to Backblaze B2 48-72 hours
Softaculous App Installer
$1.25/m or $14/y
Order Here: KVM NVMe VPS (Dallas, TX) - ExtraVM

Dallas KVM VPS
Promotion “ryz42” will give 42% off every month on any Dallas plan. Example 2GB RAM plan below.
2 Cores (Ryzen 3900X 3.8-4.6GHz)
30GB NVMe SSD (970 Pro)
5TB @ 1Gbps (10Mbps after)
1 IPv4/IPv6
Dallas, TX
$6.96/m after promo
Order Here: KVM NVMe VPS (Dallas, TX) - ExtraVM

Dallas LG (VPS): https://dal.lg.extravm.com/
Montreal LG (Web Hosting): https://bhs.lg.extravm.com/

LVE limits for web hosting plan:
CPU > 150% (E-2136)
IO > 80MB/s
IOPS > 15000
EP/NP > 200/220
INODES > No hard limit


Free DirectAdmin? :grin:

I cannot pull a Francisco, sry.

No Problem! Do you offer it at all? :slight_smile:

For VPS or web hosting? VPS no, my prices can’t cover licensing, but in the future I am sure web hosting will. I haven’t spent enough time with it yet.

Ah, OK Thanks. I was talking about for VPS, I think DA is offer pretty sweet deals right now :slight_smile:

I think most are just eating the cost, but I wouldn’t know, I am not close to these companies. Last time I tried getting internal licenses from a software company they wanted like $5000 upfront, so I quit trying.

DA is cheap though, $24/y for their basic license which is kinda like Plesk web admin license but 80% cheaper.

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Will the ryzen offer ever come back again in the future? Or is this the last chance?

Probably not, considering the majority of all servers still are using it.

Another nice offer.

This Ryzen offer is awesome, if only something like this was available in Tampa I’d jump on it instantly. I hope this is the start of something nice and we will see more Ryzen offers in the future.

Edit: Oh well, grabbed this one too…

I would like to do it in Tampa, since these are on HV network, but bandwidth isn’t cheap like some others so I’m not sure how well it would turn out.

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If you could do exact the same plan with only 2TB of traffic I’d be all in. And I’m sure everyone else would like it too. :slight_smile:

Edit: meant the 2GB plan.

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The Ryzen VPS are fantastic. I had a 2gb for a 1 month trial and it was painful to let it expire. The one thing keeping me from settling in permanently was lack of a local large (HDD) storage option, but maybe using something at another provider in the same Hivelocity DC could be workable. Most of my acquisitive thoughts about servers these days are leaning away from VPS and even dedis, and towards colo’ing my own Ryzen box someplace nearby.

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I had lower limits before but people complained so I just in creased them all, any overage I just eat but it is nothing now. Maybe it’ll happen, dunno yet.