ExtraVM HB Promo cPanel Hosting ($1.25/m, $14/y)

I spent 5 minutes deciding what to say here and couldn’t come up with anything, so I’ll just post the offer :man_shrugging:

cPanel Hosting “HBPromo” - Order Here
$1.25 / month
$14 / year

Unlimited Bandwidth
10 Addon Domains
Other options have no limits

Plan & Server Features:
~ Litespeed Web Server
~ CloudLinux & CageFS
~ JetBackup to B2
~ Softaculous
~ DDoS Protected
~ NodeJS
~ Free cPanel SSL
~ Server in Montreal, CA

LVE Limits:
CPU => 150% (3.3-4.5GHz)
Physical Memory => 3GB
IO => 80MB/s
IOPS => 15000
EP/NPROC => 200/220
INODES => No hard limit

If you have any questions post here and I’ll try to reply timely. Plan is limited to 50 orders, but I’m certain that won’t be anywhere near used. Remote JetBackup tasks are ran every 48ish hours. You can read the web hosting plans page on the website here if interested.


Nice to see you again and nice offer! Your location and CL setup intrigues me :smile:

Thats some fancy LVE limits


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