ExoticVM - Listing Exotic VPS Locations

ExoticVM - Find VPS in Exotic Locations

About ExoticVM

:page_with_curl: ExoticVM is actually inspired from ExoticVPS (by Mr.X) which has been down from few months and was not up-to-date. So this website was created just to list all hosts offering VPS in exotic locations.
The previous site & data was lost due to a catastrophe on our server (hint: lazy sysadmin) and now we are re-writing everything. Stay tuned for updates.

Why was the site created?

I saw many users here making threads like “Looking for VPS in ABCD country” so perhaps ExoticVM.com might help. Although I had the plan to make a VPS location list website way back in 2013 but wasn’t really motivated to do it.

How to list your company?

It’s easy, just head over to the submit page & send in your data. We’ll review & verify the details. Once all the necessary checks have been performed, the provider will be added on site.
Please reply with suggestions, errors, etc. :pray:t2:
Also, please note that I am trying to keep the website (& the data) to be as simple as possible and not to turn it into another comparison website. The approach is very simple, you want a VPS in Cambodia , where to find it? :mag:
Head over to ExoticVM and get the list of providers who offer it. Go to their website and compare it yourself. I might add a genuine user review for each provider later on but for time being, let’s keep it simple.

If you are not a provider but still want to list one which you know, then send us an :email: email (found on the contact page) and we’ll happily add it :wink:

:loudspeaker: Updates:

  • Dark/Light mode has been added
  • Twitter handle has been created & added, follow ExoticVM
  • A total of 150 offers in exotic locations are live on the website.
  • More than 200 offers now exist on ExoticVM

Any Luna or Mars locations?

Those are the only real exotic places.


I think I remember you mentioning working on this before? This is actually a really cool idea, so thank you!

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There is one host in the underground managed by the reptilians. But you need to be a member of the Illuminati to host there.

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Yeah. Had it in 2017, started from scratch, ported it to Wordpress (for better management) but finally gave up as it became too complex.

Plus, the database got corrupted (was doing something on a live server -_-) and I lost the db (had no backups).

Started afresh and planned to keep it simple this time :slight_smile:

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Haha, sounds about right.

There’s beauty in simplicity, so keep it up! It’s definitely looking great so far :smiley:

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Looks nice. Requested listing.

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Bravo !

I remember archiving ExoticVPS.com just before it went down.

Knowing it had just these providers that are hardest to find.

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I have the archived files too but most of those exotic providers are either dead or do not offer VPS any more.

Added. Thanks for the submission.

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I didn’t realise that Australia is considered exotic, but I guess there are a limited number of providers with cheap pricing there. :stuck_out_tongue:

You should add @Brendan’s FlowVPS :slight_smile:

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Added. But still not clear on the IPv6 or port being offered with the VPS.

If you are sure about it then please let me know & I’ll update it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

is NL considered exotic?

ask me, i’m dutch

Are you exotic?


Ehm, sometimes :slight_smile:

NL is not exotic at all in any way, we do have some territories and former territories which are exotic…



If you’re looking for something really exotic, try a VPS in Vietnam, Chile, or Iran

And yes, those are available.

FlowVPS includes native IPv6 and the connection is on a 1 Gb/s port.

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Also I just noticed an error on the site - QuantumCore don’t offer IPv6, but the site says they do. Their service is really good apart from the lack of IPv6.

Is there any VPS in Faroe Islands?

There’s a guy called Tristan da Cunha offering a root server in Saint Helena