Exchange Virmach KVM VPS in LA with similar VPS in AMS

I have a Virmach VPS in LA with the following data:
Bandwith: 750GB, RAM: 384MB, SSD: 35GB, IPv4
Annual Cost: 6$

The VPS will be migrated from OVZ to KVM (Lite) at 12th Nov.

LA is to far away from Europe and Virmach don’t offer changing of the datacenter for special offer VPS. Therefore I am looking for someone who have a similar VPS in AMS and want to exchange it with my LA VPS.


I have a budgetnode NL KVM


Not sure if BN allows transfers tho. If you want it, PM me and I’ll log a ticket with them

@sanvit if you still have the VPS I would gladly take it.

I have opened a support ticket with them. I’ll update you when I get a response