EUServ Special (41€/mo): Dedicated Server, i7-8700, 64GB DDR4, 1 Gbit/s Unmetered, 2x6TB SATA

In case anyone is interested:

Just received a Newsletter with this offer:

Also regarding traffic:

“¹: All traffic usage is included and without further charge (flat fee). We do not cap connection speed. This means server has unlimited / unmetered bandwidth.”

Other perks:

100GB FTP Backup Storage

24x7 Email support Queue based Ticket System

Phone support Support via English and German speaking inhouse staff during business hours.

Payment Term: prepayment period 1 month or 12 month

Setup Fee :

Paid Monthly & Monthly Contract period: 95€

Paid Monthly & Contract for 12 months: 53€

Paid Yearly & Contract for 12 months: 53€

is CPU mining allowed?

It’s not a vps don’t see why not.

should include the 95Euro for setup if only using for one month.


That setup fee kills it, else I’d potentially move from Hetzner to this.

Setup fee is only 53€ if you pay monthly and opt for 12 months contract. I believe the 64GB RAM OVH Special back then also had a setup fee? Anyway 50€ setup fee is smth I’d still consider paying for some good spec dedi. Still, I am currently cutting costs so no way I’ll order that beast. Just thought I’d share because many ppl seem to want to get that OVH 64GB RAM Special or similar specs (obviously OVH has some other perks though).

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If anyone orders one of these please report back on the network!

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Probably like always. Specs better for the price network worse than your usual suspects (OVH, Clouvider, Hetzner…) . At least outside Germany.

I had a cheap $5 EUServ dedi (a little atom box) that I used as a seedbox for a good 6 or so months. Network was pretty good. Comparable to online .net I’d say, never noticed any outages, though I didn’t do much monitoring on the box.

Only think lacking in my opinion was any DDoS protection.


A traceroute from multiple locations it seem to be single homed to Cogent Communications.


Network is fast my man.


Could be. I’m not sure. They claim to have a few others in the mix on their network page, but I don’t have a server there any longer to do some testing. Could have different routes prioritized throughout the day. Edit: nvm, it’s single-homed Cogent. Kinda wish they just said that on the page -

Cogent single-homed isn’t all that bad anyway. My Plex server is and to quote the great Low End philosopher, “Network is fast my man.”


Cogent single-homed is not the end of world, speed and routes to most ISP are fine it just a number of ISP where cogent performance is a bit crap.

Hosted at FDC servers I think they are owned by Cogent or most/all of there data centers are Cogent own, I know a few of FDC location are Cogent Data Centers.


@Mason Are you still with FDC? If so any details on your pricing/quote?

I with them indirectly (through Heymman Servers in Chicago) with a rented dedi that I wrote a review on last year:

Didn’t ever end up coloing my owned Plex server anywhere. It’s just in my house right now and will probably remain so.


Even Mzungu has a faster network than Cogent.

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