EU Hardware Dealz

So far I’ve posted a few SSD deals in the
What is Your Favorite Storage Brand? thread, but I guess I should not be bumping that thread over and over. So here is a thread dedicated for that. You can expect a decent amount of SSDs and HDDs in the future.

Would you be interested in Aliexpress deals from time to time (eg. yeelight bulbs/lamps, scooters)?

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The first deal: WD 10TB Elements for 174,49 €(the HDD can be extracted and plugged into PC with a little modification).


The 8TB one gives an even better ratio on TB per € right now :wink:
Taping the pin works okayish to get it running…

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

EU hardware deals


DE hardware deals?

I can order at (even has free delivery) but that might not work for anyone in Europe.

I’ll be posting sites that generally have international shipping at reasonable prices and as it happens Amazon.deis one of them. The other day it may be Amazon UK or NL. I can’t guarantee satisfaction to everyone.

If you’re interested in tracking price drops and double-check actual discounts, I’d recommend keepa; you can also set and receive alerts via mail/telegram/etc. for specific desired price ranges on every regional website ( .com .ca .mx .uk .de .fr. .it .es .jp .in )

2 Likes is also nice and quite similar.
some time ago they went down and no backups heh.

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Here in Germany we have a similar site to track pricing and get alarm when price drops to X euros:

I used camelcamelcamel before, I switched 'cause it stopped working for a while… I’ll double check how it behaves nowadays :slightly_smiling_face:

In Italy it’s, it manages to find many local businesses, sometimes selling at better prices or condition than Amazon itself (in some categories, at least)
It would be nice to conjure a meta-engine for all these regional spiders, but I guess some local businesses are not too Amazon-tier as far as logistic is concerned and they won’t be able to compete if they had to consider pan-european shipping costs anyway

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In Dutch, but straightforward Pricewatch - Vergelijk elektronicaprijzen (you can also switch it to Belgium)

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…and here goes another one!

SanDisk SSD PLUS 1TB for 78,96 €


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For german prices on hardware you might want to check though not all sellers there ship international.
For deals you probly want to monitpr or the uk original


And for the Dutch people
It is actually the same site as mydealz and from the same company, but oriented on the Netherlands.


That’s unfortunately dramless, I’d pay extra 18 euros and would go with the Samsung 1TB QVO :slight_smile:
Still a nice deal for the $

QVO is 4D nand. You don’t want to have that.

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TBW of 360TB, i dont see what’s so bad about it.
And Sandisk doesn’t release the the endurance of their drive so I cant even compare :frowning:

Mydealz is best :smiley: I have saved so much money through these deals and spent so much money I didn’t plan on spending haha

I like the name :smiley: