Established VPS bizz for sale

So… I’m pretty sure you read it over st that other gathering place.

None of you guys thinking about it. The guy is asking for 25k and comes with the servers.

It’s hard to imagine a high income per month, or even any profitability at all. If anyone buys it, is for the hardware, but since he doesn’t specify the machines, and where he has them colo’d, it’s hard to estimate the value.

But I also see his point of view, if he did specify the machine specs and where they are colo’d, it would take less than an hour to someone to find the company name.

Well, 25k isn’t much.

You can always sign NDA and ask to find out the exact spec of the machines and get more info out of it. This will involve lawyers though and the overall cost would go up.

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Yeah well… It’s still a tempting offer. But then a featured company in LET probably means razor thin margins. I already o
ffer myself to work for free too many times as it is…
…and I’m being serious… A friend of mine, which owns his own company tells me that I should value myself more, because people usually don’t value us when we offer our time. He’s probably right.


True, customers in LET market are jerks, 92% of time. (A figure that I pulled out of my arse.)

They are literally thieves. I don’t see myself working for 1 bucks per hour.

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We could try to poll it, but the poll wouldn’t be found.


1 buck per hour is crazy. But there is people in Africa getting paid 15 bucks a month. Its just… Sad.

Is it by chance,


I wouldn’t purchase that whackjob of the company even for 7.

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Since 2009, Delimiter has been providing dedicated servers and VPS from its wholly owned datacentres.

WEll then I’ll take it for 25k and plus dinner and a trip to… :smiley:

Any news on this? Any of you reached out to the guy?